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RUSH: There’s a new culture war between New York progressives and feminists.

Now, the progressives are pushing a bill in the state legislature to legalize surrogate pregnancy. They say surrogates can help gay couples overcome biological “challenges,” like men not having a womb. Progressives thought making this an LGBTQ-rights issue would be a slam-dunk in liberal New York.

Enter, the feminazis! The Mother of All Feminazis, Gloria Steinem, denounced the whole idea of legal surrogacy, because paying women to have babies? (chuckling) That’s not coo! It makes women’s bodies a commodity, and you end up with a baby — two no-nos.

Apparently, uteruses (uteri, whatever) attract big money. Prices for surrogates range from $20,000 to $200,000 per baby. Feminists say poor women would be hardest hit (because they always are) because the money would tempt them to enter the surrogacy trade. Feminists slammed the “buying and selling of eggs,” and “renting wombs.”

That’s today’s New York liberals for you. On the one hand, they’re fighting over paying to make babies for gay couples, and on the other hand, they’re fighting to make sure babies don’t get born to anybody even if they make it out of the womb!

I dare you, folks. Try to make sense of any of this — and then live amongst it all.

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