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RUSH: Here’s John Brennan. Here’s the setup. So much of this stuff has been predictable. Brennan the former director of the CIA for Obama back on MSNBC. These guys have renewed life now. They’ve been totally discredited and disqualified in the Mueller report, but now that Trump has come out and said he would accept foreign data, they’re back claiming to be as needed as ever.

The question from Chris Matthews: “The president talked about getting dirt about Hillary Clinton from Norwegians. I assume they are a neutral power. What’s the difference between getting information from the Norwegians and getting it from the Russians?” The Norwegians and Russians didn’t give anybody information. Look at how we’re talking about this. Anyway, here’s Brennan’s answer.

BRENNAN: I can see that the Russians and others would be using cutouts in third countries and with their contacts in those governments and say, “Here is information that really needs to get to Mr. Trump about one of the Democratic candidates or the person who’s going to be the candidate in November of 2020.” The Russians are not just going to come in sort of directly.

But I think, according to Mr. Trump, you know, he would wait, he’d listen, and then he might decide, you know, if there was something wrong, that he might go to the FBI, but he would use that information. And I don’t know which list of countries he’s thinking of that’s okay to accept from, but clearly this is contrary to our tradition as well as to our laws.

RUSH: See. Here we go. Contrary to our traditions, contrary to our values, contrary to our laws, while these people subverted all of that, lying to the American people. Brennan is part of the cabal that was lying like the media was every day for two years about Trump colluding with Russia. But that’s not a violation of our values. That doesn’t upset our traditions at all. That’s not a problem within the context of our laws. No, no, no, no, no. But Trump speculating that if somebody in Norway called him with some information on a corrupt ski jump that he would talk to ’em?

And now, ladies and gentlemen, another embodiment of sheer brilliance on the Democrat side, Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris was on PMSNBC All In. Sounds like the title all of porn show. I’m just saying. All In. Anyway, the host there is Stephanie Ruhle, and she said to Senator Kamala Harris, “Do you believe Nancy Pelosi is doing enough? Trump’s legal team argued that Congress cannot investigate a sitting president.”

HARRIS: When we look at the Bob Mueller report, I mean, I’ve said how I feel about it, and I think that when we talk about the conduct of this president, including that interview today with George Stephanopoulos, you know, it’s sending a signal, the conduct of this president is sending a signal to our adversaries around the world and fill in the blank — North Korea, Russia — fill in the blank. He’s sending a signal to them, “Hey, come on in for 2020.”

RUSH: Yeah, see, I knew this was gonna happen. “Hey, Kim Jong-un, you got information for me on the Democrats? Let me have it. Hey, Xi Jinping, ChiCom head honcho, you got information? Let me have it. Hey, Putin, you got information? Let me have it.” Trump is soliciting information now just like he was asking the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails.

Now, Kamala Harris is running for president, Democrat side. She’s a senator from California. She’s former attorney general for the state of California, okay? I have a news story, Kamala Harris: Quote, “If I’m president, the Justice Department would prosecute Trump.” Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. No, no, no. Presidents are not supposed to be able to tell the Justice Department what to do, right?

Trump’s not allowed to do that. Trump makes the mistake, does he not, of thinking the justice’s department’s his own personal law firm. Trump makes the mistake of thinking the attorney general is his own personal lawyer. There’s a boundary, the president cannot cross it. The president cannot go to the DOJ and tell ’em what to do, he can’t tell ’em to prosecute.

Kamala Harris has been part of the chorus saying that. And now here she is saying that if she’s president, the Justice Department would prosecute Trump ’cause she’d make it happen, but Trump has to stay away. Trump’s it is not allowed to do that, but she’ll do it? These people are so conflicted and hypocritical, it’s impossible to keep track of all of it.

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