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RUSH: I want you to listen to sound bite number 24. Today on CNN, George Will appeared, and John Berman (the co-host at CNN) said, “I was struck by the fact that Donald Trump gave that interview to George Stephanopoulos inside the Oval Office.” Well, a lot of people are. A lot of people don’t understand, ’cause, as I tell you: When they call you from Good Morning America, it’s the Clinton campaign. It’s the Clinton office calling you. If it’s Stephanopoulos, it is not Good Morning America.

It’s not ABC. It’s not journalism. It’s the Clinton attack agency calling you. I can’t… Folks, I don’t know why. I can’t explain to you why, other than to guess that Trump’s not intimidated. He likes the media, when you get down to it. He likes sparring with them, likes talking to ’em. Who…? I don’t know. At any rate, question: “You said that you think that President Trump has done more damage, more lasting damage to the country than Richard Nixon did. Why do you think that?”

WILL: Richard Nixon’s burglaries and other abuses of power were surreptitious. They were secret — and, when exposed, they were tidied up and we moved on. What Mr. Trump is doing that is damaging to the country is public and constant. It is a bell he’s ringing that can’t be unrung. He is putting into our civic discourse a level of conversation and of name-calling and of abuse that will now seem perfectly normal in the future. I mean, our children, if they were 10 years old, we’d send them to their room without supper if they talked like that.

RUSH: (chuckles) Uhhh, excuse me, George. You really need to visit Twitter, if you want to find out how people are talking to each other these days — and you can’t lay that off on Donald Trump. Now this… You know, George Will is of that universe of Never Trumpers that’s just appalled by the way Trump speaks. Just appalled by the name calling. Just appalled by the constant tweeting. Just appalled by the lack of sophistication. Just appalled by the fact that he probably drinks coffee out of a Styrofoam cup instead of a legitimate Chinese bone crystal cup. That kind of stuff. You know what I mean?

They probably hate Trump because he eats potato chips. Sophisticated people and real presidents don’t eat potato chips. They eat baked or boiled potatoes seasoned properly by the chef. They don’t drink coffee out of a Styrofoam cup. But Trump doesn’t drink coffee, doesn’t drunk adult beverages. At any rate, you see here? (impression) “Nixon was bad, but we didn’t know most of it. It was happening in the background. Woodward and Bernstein came along with the help of Deep Throat and told us what was going on. We tidied up. We sent Nixon back to San Clemente and everything’s fine. Trump was doing all of this stuff publicly!

Except Trump isn’t breaking the law. Trump is not engaged in corruption. He has not violated the law. He’s just offending these people’s sensibilities. This idea that if your 10-year-old talked like Trump that you would send ’em to the room without supper? No, no. I’m not denying that. I’m just telling you, I don’t think it’s true. I think 10-, 12-, 15-year-olds today reach the bottom of the gutter in normal, everyday conversation — and we’ve been chronicling it here since long before Donald Trump came along.

This culture rot, societal deprecation, it’s been going on for who knows how long — and most of it has been brought to us by the radical American left. Most of the cultural rot, most of the decline in civil discourse, that’s been brought to us by these radical leftists who are forcing political correctness on people, who are treating people who say things they disagree with as crimes. This is our problem with the Never Trumpers! They never get this outraged over some of the real damage done by the American left or the Democrat Party. They seem to willingly happily coexist with it.

But when one of their own violates the sanctified norms of sophistication and behavior and propriety, why, then we’ve gotta get rid of this guy ’cause he’s making all of us look bad. This name calling, this kind of stuff, if this takes hold, this is now going to be common. Nixon never did anything… (laughing) What Nixon did is hard for people to pinpoint even now in terms of criminality. What Nixon did was try to protect his people in the cover-up. And then… You know, folks, I keep trying to express this, and I haven’t yet hit the bull’s-eye on this.

I keep trying.

This idea that we have this select group of people that own the definition of propriety and sophistication and refinement, and then they sit there, and they pass judgment on all these people supposedly violating our values and so forth. While they do this, the left has gotten away with violating the law when it comes to illegal immigration for so many years now that we’re genuinely faced with a redefinition of what this country is! We’re straying from the entire set of principles with which this country was founded, and none of that gets criticized.

None of that is pointed out.

None of it’s called out.

Instead, we have to listen to “This lack of civility is very bad for our democratic –” You think lack of civility is a one-way street, that only Donald Trump is participating in it? What is civil about the way people are going after Trump? Anyway, that bite from George Will is a pretty good indication of the thinking. If Trump would do this stuff where nobody saw it, maybe we wouldn’t feel as badly about it.

But he does. He does these tweets, and he calls these people these names in public. He says all this stuff that indicates he’s a rube. He is embarrassing to us. If your 10-year-old said stuff like this, you’d send ’em to the room without supper. When do families sit down and have supper together anyway where the kids could be sent to their rooms without supper? Does that even happen anymore?


RUSH: I got a funny email: “Hey, Rush do you realize, George Will is the first Republican who admits to wanting to starve children.” (laughing) If you missed this, we played a sound bite of George Will who said if anybody’s kids talked the way Trump did, they’d be sent to their rooms without supper and so I got a note saying, “George Will is the first Republican who wants to starve children.” He-he-he.

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