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Jun 12, 2019


FOXNews: Rush Limbaugh: Trump Needs to Go to California, Remind Americans What a Dem-Run State Looks Like
Daily Wire: Limbaugh: Here’s Why Trump Should Start Going To California
ABC: Empty Apartments in L.A. Would be Taxed Under Plan to Help Homeless
New York Times: Trump Needs a Target to Stay Interested in His Campaign. For Now, It’s Biden – Maggie Haberman
The Hill: Biden Leads Trump by ‘Landslide Proportions’ in New National Poll
FOXNews: Biden Rips Off Avenatti with ‘Let’s Make America America Again’ Slogan
YahooNews: Scott Baio Accuses Joe Biden of Stealing His ‘Let’s Make America America Again’ Speech: ‘He’s a Plagiarizing Fraud’
InfoWars: U.S. Cities Overwhelmed With Numbers of Illegal Migrants Arriving From Ebola-Stricken Countries
LA Times: A California Desert Town Sees Surge in Migrants as Border Crisis Worsens
Conservative Review: 550 African Migrants Were Just Caught in Texas. DHS Head Says They Aren’t Being Screened for Ebola
CBS: Naked Intruder On Immigration Hold After Threatening Dallas Couple: ‘If You Move, I’ll Kill You’
Washington Times: Private Border Wall Group Ordered to Keep Gate Open
AFP: Trump Inadvertently Reveals More of US-Mexico Migrant Deal
InforWars: Invasion: Illegals Crawl Out of Manhole in US Border Town
Breitbart: Perdue: Drug Cartel Business from Mexico to U.S. ‘Larger than Walmart’
Hollywood Reporter: HBO’s Explicit ‘Euphoria’ Courts Controversy: How Much Teen Sex and Drugs Is Too Much?
Hollywood Reporter: David Letterman Says Trump Is Now “Psychotic” and a “Soulless Bastard”
Daily Beast: Stephen Colbert Makes Another Homophobic Trump-Putin Joke
CBS: Protective Layer Of Willis Tower Skydeck Ledge Cracks Under Visitors’ Feet
WCBS: Jon Stewart Receives FDNY Legend’s Coat In Emotional Moment Before Blasting Lawmakers At 9/11 Hearing
Breitbart: Death Spiral Continues as CNN Loses One-Third of Primetime Audience
Daily Beast: Even Democrats Aren’t Sure Whether John Dean Did Them Any Good
YahooNews: Dems Say Cable Nets Erred By Not Covering John Dean Hearing Live After Helicopter Crash


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