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RUSH: You would not believe how ticked off the Democrats are at cable news, their buddies in the media, for not covering the John Dean impeachment hearing rehearsal live on Monday.

According to Yahoo News, these Democrats are beside themselves the networks went wall-to-wall on that helicopter crash in Manhattan, especially since “only” the pilot died.

Congressman Steve Cohen – Democrat, Tennessee – told PMSNBC that they were wrong to stay with the helicopter crash. He said because cable news made this mistake, he’s not sure how many people saw the hearing showing that President Trump is guilty, which was not shown at all. It’s rubbish.

These liberals are so blinded by their Trump-hate, they don’t even realize when they’ve been spared.

This Jerry Nadler impeachment rehearsal show featuring Watergate rat John Dean was a bomb, it was a bust. He was put up as a pawn. He doesn’t know anything about the Mueller investigation, had no part in it, and had nothing to offer.

The Republicans ripped him a new one. The Democrats oughta be happy nobody saw it. It was a made-for-TV disaster. It made them look like idiots.

Besides, even if MSNBC or CNN had covered it without interruption, nobody would have seen it anyway.

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