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RUSH: There’s another headline if you go down further on the Drudge page. “Trouble: CNN Loses Another Third of Their Audience.” CNN’s audience in prime time is less now than HGTV. Do you know what HGTV is? The home gardening network. CNN’s got a smaller audience than a bunch of people playing around with spades.

I’m not saying it’s not a great channel. I’ve never watched HGTV, I’m not saying a thing about it. I’m just saying that if you’re a national news network with your number one agenda to take out the president of the United States, and your audience is smaller than the home garden network, then it ain’t working, is all I’m saying.

And then did you see where MSNBC has announced that Rachel Maddow is gonna be one of the debate moderators for the Democrat primary? Well, you know why, don’t you? They’ve gotta save her. They’re paying her a lot of money. They lost a lot of money on Megyn Kelly.

MSNBC is losing its audience the same rate CNN is, and the personalities at MSNBC are not enough to hold the audience. They’ve gotta get her in front of people to try to reignite that show. That’s why they’re doing it. They’re trying to do it to reestablish her credibility as something other than “Trump did it with Russia.”

They’re trying to re-center her as somebody who knows the Democrat Party and is powerful in the Democrat Party. For the last two years Rachel Maddow has been nothing but promising people that Trump colluded with Russia and he’s gone. Well, that didn’t happen, so now they’ve got a credibility problem. So they’re having put her in front of the debate audience to moderate to show that she’s got some other reason to watch her.

You can’t fool me, I mean, as media savvy as I am, it’s clear as day what’s happening here. But they’re in trouble, the bottom line.

And then there’s this from The Daily Beast, which is a left-wing site, the Daily Beast. “Even Democrats Aren’t Sure Whether John Dean Did Them Any Good.” (laughing) Even Democrats aren’t sure that John Dean did ’em any good! Well, who else is? Is anybody sure that John Dean did, if the Democrats aren’t sure?

Let me tell you something, folks. The Democrats were livid that the networks would not drop coverage of the crashed helicopter. You would not believe how ticked off the Democrats are at cable news over that. They had it all lined up. They had John Dean in there to indict Trump as though he were Richard Nixon. The cable networks were all ready to go.

And then the helicopter pilot got lost in the fog, ends up crashing the helicopter. The networks go with that, they totally broom all coverage of Dean and that committee. According to Yahoo News, the Democrats are beside themselves that the networks went wall-to-wall on the helicopter crash.

Get this. Steve Cohen, he’s the guy that ordered the bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken when Barr won’t show up. He said that Barr was a chicken, so he’s eating a chicken breast there on his committee assigned seat, Democrat, Tennessee. Steve Cohen told PMSNBC that they were wrong to stay with the helicopter crash. He said because cable news made this mistake, he’s not sure how many people saw the hearing showing President Trump is guilty.

John dean said that Trump is guilty and nobody saw it and Steve Cohn is livid. The liberals are so blinded by their Trump hate, they don’t even realize when they have been spared. The best thing that could have happened to them was that nobody saw it. And nobody did see it. And they’re too stupid to know how fortunate they are that the helicopter crash preempted coverage of what was a bomb.

John Dean was destroyed by the Republicans on that committee. His reason for being there was obliterated and destroyed. The Jerry Nadler mock impeachment hearing rehearsal one was a complete bust. The Democrats are not smart enough to be happy that nobody saw it. It was a made for TV disaster replaced by a real disaster


RUSH: I’m just sitting here… You know, even if the helicopter crash had not interrupted coverage of the John Dean testimony in the mock impeachment, nobody would have seen it anyway. We’re talking about CNN. They got their hopes up for nothing.

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