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RUSH: Now, we’ll deal with this poll here when we come back in just a second. I’m gonna show you about polls taken this far out, and I’m gonna show you where Bill Clinton was gonna lose in a landslide.

I’ll show you where Gary Hart was gonna be win in a landslide, where John Edwards was gonna win in a landslide. I’ve got all this polling data that I went back and looked at to make the case that you ought to be ignoring anything that says Trump is gonna lose in a landslide right now ’cause it doesn’t matter. They are trying to create and shape public opinion. They are not reflecting it as it exists.


RUSH: Drive-By Media out of their minds today over polling data that shows Donald Trump’s gonna lose in a landslide, they can’t wait, they wish it was happening today so we put together a montage. Cecilia Vega, ABC; John Berman, CNN; Peter Alexander, NBC; Savannah Guthrie, NBC; Gayle King, CBS; Joe Scarborough, PMSNBC; Mary Bruce, ABC. Here we go…

VEGA: New poll showing Biden with a, quote, “landslide-sized lead.”

BERMAN: The poll shows the president trailing in head-to-head matchups against all of the leading Democratic hopefuls!

ALEXANDER: …polls that show him behind six of the top Democrats.

GUTHRIE: New national polls that may serve as a warning sign for President Trump heading into the 2020 race.

KING: The poll calls Biden’s 54-40 advantage a landslide.

SCARBOROUGH: …absolutely trounced by Joe Biden, absolutely trounced by Bernie Sanders.

BRUCE: The Trump team was taken aback by some of these results. The president’s reaction? He was reportedly livid.

RUSH: Right. Okay. So Trump’s in the White House doing whatever he’s doing, and they bring him the poll. “Mr. President! Mr. President! Look at this! Joe Biden is winning in a landslide,” and Trump gets livid. Trump would not get livid. I know Donald Trump. That’s not him. They’re trying to make Trump look like the Hitler. You know the Hitler parody videos, Hitler learns that Joe Biden plagiarized him or some such thing? All these things are out there, and they portray Hitler as a maniac going nuts, breaking his glasses, threatening to kill people.

Well, it was from an actual movie, and this is what they’re trying to portray Trump, as sitting there, minding his own business, masterminding all of this stuff, and they bring him bad news and he goes nuts. He’s not gonna get livid over this. It doesn’t matter. But that’s the image they want to create. Here’s Maggie Haberman, who was on CNN today. John Berman interviewing her. “You’ve been writing about the anxiety in the White House and also the explanation inside the White House for what the president’s doing with Joe Biden.”

HABERMAN: The campaign has its own internal polling that shows Joe Biden beating President Trump. Now, people who have seen the polls say that, actually, there’s other numbers that are better for the president within that polling, but the president did not like reports about the fact that his own polling showed that he was behind. He wanted aides to push back on that and counteract that publicly, denying that it showed what it showed.

RUSH: So we’re back to another same, old, recycled: Trump is shown news he doesn’t like, orders the staff to lie about it. As though the staff is automatically predisposed to sabotaging Trump. The staff every day is prepared to go out there and do nothing but talk about bad news until Trump’s gets hold of ’em and tells ’em to not do it.

I mean, the picture they are painting of the administration of Trump in it and what’s going on in the White House is infantile and it’s irrelevant and the White House and the RNC are denying the New York Times story, which we got Kayleigh McEnany, who was in last night on the Fox Business Channel, we got a sound bite from her denying it, then I’ll share with you the polling data that we went back and researched. It’s NBC polling news, but it shows the same stuff here. And it was nowhere near being correct.


RUSH: So last night on The Evening Edit (this is the Fox Business Network), Kayleigh McEnany, who’s from the RNC, was asked the following questions: “Okay. This New York Times polling says that after being briefed on this devastating 17-state poll that shows Trump losing in a landslide that’s conducted by his campaign pollster, Mr. Trump told aides to deny it.”

MCENANY: Never heard those instructions. Second, Joe Biden winning Texas is a pipe dream. That’s not happening. Third, I would note, go back and revisit the polling between Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump at this point in the cycle, ’cause our internal polling shows that when president is against a defined Democrat, he wins the election.

BLAKE BURMAN: So is that generic internal polling that doesn’t look necessarily strong?

MCENANY: Our polling… We are confident in our polling. We are confident where the president stands. A defined Democrat, Joe Biden among them, will lose to the president. We are confident in Iowa, confident in Florida and Ohio and we’re making no headway. In fact, we’re looking at Oregon. We’re looking to potentially put resources there. So we’re very confident not just on holding the map, but expanding the map.

RUSH: So the campaign is denying the Maggie Haberman story that there’s internal polling that shows Trump also losing big to Biden and that Trump has told his staff to lie about it. Now, we all know what’s going on here. You all know what’s going on. You all know what’s going on here so well, I don’t even need to tell you what’s going on. But there’s always “for those in Rio Linda.” So why would they start talking about Biden winning in a landslide now?

This is not just Biden beating Trump. It’s not just some of these other Democrats beating Trump. It’s in a landslide. Now, the first Democrat primary votes are not for seven months, ladies and gentlemen, and the presidential election is 12 months after that. The first Democrat primary votes are in seven months. We don’t even know if Joe Biden will be able to swallow in seven months. There… I’m just illustrating: We don’t know!

It’s impossible to predict these things!


RUSH: Now, why, ladies and gentlemen, are the polls already predicting a landslide? Seven months before the first Democrat primary vote is cast, we got a poll out that shows Biden and the rest of these clowns beat Trump in a landslide. I know you know. So that when Trump wins, here comes the allegation of foreign intervention again.

They’re gonna set the stage that this election is over a year and a half before it happened, just like they did with Hillary and Trump. They’re repeating history. Hillary won every poll, led every poll, in some cases landslide victory. They’re doing it again because they are not innovative.

They have to go back to the past, try to modify the past, relate it to the president, relive the old glory days and they’re now doing this. Trump is gonna lose in a landslide so that when Trump wins there must have been some kind of interference. There must have been some cheating. There must have been some fraud. It must have been the Russians again and, see, Mueller missed it and we gotta start it up all over again.

I have to take another brief, obscene profit break.


RUSH: All right. February of 1995 NBC News, February ’95, the election is November of ’96, Bob Dole defeating Bill Clinton by six points, February 1995, 51-45. April 1987, Gary Hart is gonna beat George H. W. Bush by eight, 50-42, in April of 1987. The election was ’88. George H. W. Bush wins. February 1983. Now, this election in 1984, Ronaldus Magnus won it with a 49-state landslide.

In February of 1983, the polling data from NBC had Walter F. Mondull defeating Reagan 47-41. And in March of 1979 — this is when Ronaldus Magnus won in 1980 with a 47-state landslide — they had Jimmy Carter defeating Reagan 52-38 in March of 1979 — exactly like this garbage that’s out there today. And there are more examples of this if we did even more research, but this is just what we put together here in a flash this morning.


RUSH: To Massena, New York, and Joe. Welcome, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, a pleasure to speak with you. Longtime listener. Mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, great to have you here.

CALLER: About this phony news, this phony poll which has Trump losing in a landslide.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Are these not the same people who told us that Hillary Clinton was a slam dunk, and also are these not the same people who in November of 2017, a year after Trump’s election, also insisted that had the election been held again, he would have won again?

RUSH: Well, yeah, it’s the same people, it’s the same polling data, and you can go back as I did moments ago to all kinds of previous years where eventual winners were predicted to lose in landslides, all Republicans, by the way. Mondull was gonna beat Reagan. Carter was gonna beat Reagan, Dole was gonna beat Clinton, Gary Hart was gonna beat George H. W. Bush.

You go back and look at all of these polls that are taken a year and a half out from the presidential race and you can find pretty much every one of them was wrong, just as this one is today. But even if it’s right, it’s a wild guess. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen between now and Election Day. It is silly.

To make the point, I had to go look up the polls from a year and a half prior to each of these elections. I instinctively knew they were wrong, but to go get the actual results, I didn’t remember them. Nobody’s gonna remember this one, either.

Remember what’s going on here, folks. They’re setting Trump up to lose in a landslide so that after he wins they can restart this business that he stole the election or cheated with somebody, the Democrats had it stolen from them, that’s what they’re setting up here again. Make no mistake about it.

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