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RUSH: Now, Plugs Biden, I’ve had so many people ask me today, “Why did the media ignore Plugs today?” I mean, yesterday that’s all that mattered. Joe Biden was gonna eviscerate Trump. Joe was gonna mention Trump’s name 75 times. Joe Biden was gonna destroy Trump.

So why isn’t there any video highlights of that happening yesterday? And the answer to it is, it didn’t happen, see? The proof of the matter is the optics for Joe Bite Me in Ottumwa, Iowa, yesterday were not good. It did matter that Bite Me was not wearing even a jacket much less a tie. It mattered that there wasn’t a single shot that showed the whole crowd. Therefore, the crowd had to be very small. The crowd looked very close to Biden.

I mean, it looked like he was at a cocktail party. That’s what this looked like. The people were that close. He’s holding the microphone in his hand. There was no podium. There was no oratory whatsoever. It was a conversational thing.

And he looked feeble, if you want to get right down to it. He looked a little feeble. And it looked to me like that there might have even been a railing that he was holding onto now and then during his performance.

But there’s another factor here, and this we thank our old buddies at CNN. CNN spent all morning yesterday assuring everybody that Biden was gonna eviscerate Trump. Biden was gonna destroy Trump. When Biden finished, it was gonna be the end of Trump.

And Biden did not eviscerate Trump. In other words, CNN raised expectations so high that Plugs had no way of meeting them. And so they pretty much had to ignore it. Now, for those of you saying, “Well, wait a minute, Rush. You know, Hillary Clinton couldn’t stand up half the time. She couldn’t get on a bus half the time. She couldn’t go down the steps half the time, and they still propped her up.”

Yes. What does that tell you? It tells you the media doesn’t even really want Plugs. They’re offering no assistance to Joe Biden today. If Hillary Clinton had done what Biden did yesterday back in 2016, there would be nothing but glowing support for Hillary Clinton today.

They would have ignored the lowlights, they would have lied about the highlights, they would have followed through and said that she did eviscerate Trump. They would have hidden any video that made her look weak or unsure on her feet. They would have hidden any video that made her stumbling across words.

They didn’t do any of that with Biden. And it tells me that Plugs is not really their guy. I’m just giving you a heads-up here that Plugs isn’t gonna last. And this thing yesterday is what tells me this. And it wasn’t just CNN.

All kinds of media were really hyping Biden in Iowa yesterday, and the point that he was gonna “eviscerate” Trump. (impression) “He was gonna destroy Trump. He was gonna do what Mueller couldn’t do. He was gonna do what Nadler failed to do. He was gonna do what John Dean didn’t do! He was gonna take Trump out yesterday,” and if you look at Trump today, Trump is on Cloud Nine. He’s comfortable; he’s calm, cool, relaxed — and we can’t find Plugs anywhere. Plugs is gone, and now we got Crazy Bernie making the pitch for Democrat socialism today.

So I think… It’ll never be announced. You’re just gonna have to see it. I think the media, because of yesterday, is gonna start backing away from Plugs, backing away from Biden. Yesterday, he didn’t get there. He didn’t meet the expectations. He didn’t “eviscerate” Trump. He didn’t even raise his voice. He didn’t get all that passionate about it. This is not what people want. If you’re gonna “eviscerate” Trump, you better do it.

If you’re gonna criticize Trump, you’d better do it. If you’re gonna mention Trump 75 times, you better make every one of those 75 times memorable and sound-bite worthy — and Trump was not even touched by Plugs yesterday, and the Drive-Bys know it. And, you know, you go to CNN earlier today. Alisyn Camerota hosts a morning show there. (She used to be on Fox.) She said to her colleagues there on camera, “You know, socialists need to rebrand.”

She didn’t say “we,” although she could have. She said, “Socialists need to rebrand because socialism does conjure Orwellian thoughts.” I can’t imagine why that would be true! Socialism conjuring up thoughts of George Orwell, 1984? How could anybody assume that? So she’s admitting that socialism is Orwellian (which ain’t good) and that they need to come up with a new name for it. So what’s happening? Crazy Bernie is out rebranding it today.

Gone is socialism and in is “Democratic-socialism,” complete with attacks on (Bernie accent) “authoritarians and the oligarchs.”

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