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RUSH: Ontario, Canada, and Peter. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Good to talk to you again. Hey, Rush I’ll make it quick. In the court of public opinion, we see the Nadlers, we see Biden, we see MSNBC and all the other pundits going after Trump daily. It’s a nonstop thing. You know, when we listen to conservative talk radio, you’ve got 25 to 40 million a day! But, you know, when there’s pushing 400 million in the country, they’re beating us down. We need a win, Rush. We need… You know, John Huber can’t sequester a grand jury. We know that Horowitz… When is that coming? I know, “Be patient.”

RUSH: Well, no, no, wait! Wait, wait! About that… I’m glad you reminded me. You better be patient, because apparently the Durham investigation has gotten so big that they’ve had to rent office space in Washington to have a place to house all the investigators. So if you were thinking — and I’m told the Horowitz investigation, for the same reason, is finding so much that it will not come this month. So I hear you! “We need a win.” We’re in a race with these people that ran this coup, and we’ve got to win this.

I totally hear what you’re saying.

We need it psychologically as well.

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