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Earlier today on CNN, they had sort of a quasi-town hall with Nancy Pelosi and one of the CNN info guys, Manu Raju, Raju Manu, Mamu Dabango, something like that. The guy was begging her, again, begging her to impeach. And she dropped the hammer.

She made it more clear today than she has at any time that there isn’t gonna be any impeachment.


RUSH: And I think evidence of it not being good is Pelosi today. I mean, they are disappointed at CNN. The long faces after this. And Pelosi was snarky to this little guy on CNN. This little guy was trying to grovel and suck up and treat her like she was a goddess, almost afraid to be in her presence, almost afraid to even ask her any questions at all. And whatever question he asked her, she acted like, “Who are you? What right do you have to be here in my presence?”

She snarked every answer. She accused him (imitating Pelosi), “We weren’t gonna discuss this. I’m not gonna, who said — this was nothing about policy today.” And the guy backs off, “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Just amazing to watch. Then they cut back to the CNN crew in the studio and they’re just long faces and sad disappointment, the realization that Pelosi’s not going to pull the trigger on this.

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