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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi thinks President Trump’s deal with Mexico to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern border is terrible. Of course she does. She wants them coming in.

Pelosi says that President Trump undermined America’s leadership role by bullying our friend Mexico with tariffs. She said that temper tantrums and bullying are no way for a president to conduct foreign policy.

This isn’t bullying. This is Trump standing up for America, finally. This is what Trump Derangement Syndrome looks like, folks. It seems there’s nothing left of Nancy Pelosi except Trump hatred. Nothing he accomplishes, no matter how good for the country, is right.

Until now, Mexico has green-lighted the millions of migrants passing through their borders to get here. Mexico refused to help us solve this crisis as Mexico is obligated to do.

So with Pelosi in a key leadership role, Congress sat on the sidelines, doing what Congress has done for decades, which is absolutely nothing.

President Trump acted. He forced Mexico to the table, while the entire Drive-By-Media, Democrat Party, and even some Republicans, attacked him. He got results. This is leadership!

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, trying to control ol’ Jerry Nadler to make sure he doesn’t lose everything for the Democrats again by running an impeachment hearing on Trump, which Nader is doing anyway. Not looking good for Nancy.

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