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RUSH: We’re gonna get into the Democrat primary. There is some movement. It’s kind of… Well, I don’t want to say frustrating. But I just watched a little CNN. “Biden now in trouble in Iowa! New polling data suggests Biden encountering new…” It’s irrelevant! Biden has never been leading anything. Biden hasn’t won anything. The idea that, you know, Biden was the frontrunner? All of this polling-related news that’s reflective of absolutely nothing other than a snapshot (and to the extent that it’s accurate) on a particular day, they release it.

So, all of a sudden, Joe Bite Me is losing ground in Iowa. Mayor Pete is now skyrocketing along with Elizabeth Warren. Kamala Harris is losing ground. Crazy Bernie is gaining some ground. None of this is anything other than just polling data used to make news rather than reflect it. It’s actually used to shape public opinion rather than reflect it. “Biden in big trouble in…” I guess. These people live and die by it, so I guess it is relevant and so forth. How do we know he’s ever been leading in Iowa? What does “leading in Iowa” 18 months or 15 months from the election mean anyway?

Other than it’s fodder for the Drive-Bys to talk about and create stories about and try to shape and mold public opinion. Although… (chuckles) Although, look, I have to acknowledge, Biden’s had one gaffe after another (chuckles), and so it would make sense that he might be losing some luster. What’s mysterious to me is that he ever had any to begin with. Did you see what this poor guy did over the weekend? This is pathetic. Folks, this is pathetic. He sent out a tweet… See, he’s desperate to get Obama’s endorsement, and Obama won’t go there. Obama hasn’t touched him.

And his polling data is descending. And, in fact, in the polling data, it’s descending rapidly. Joe is losing ground rapidly. So he thought he would help himself by tweeting out something that would let people know that Barack Obama likes him. So he sent out a tweet of a bracelet, a photo of a bracelet that’s got the names “Joe” and “Barack” on it. You know what? I didn’t think. I’ll take a screenshot of this. We’ll put it on the Dittocam here when I have time to do it in the next break. But the whole point is kind of like a Stuart Smalley, “My gosh, Barack likes me! Barack Obama likes me.”

It’s a friendship bracelet, I guess is what this is called, and it says, “Happy Best Friend’s day to my friend, Barack Obama.” It’s got this picture of the friendship bracelet with “Joe and Barack” on it. David Axelrod… Have you seen this, Mr. Snerdley? It’s pathetic. I mean, it really is pitiful. It’s somebody… There it is! It’s on Fox right now. It’s got smiley faces on it and cookies and a pizza slice and a star with the names “Joe” and “Barack,” and David Axelrod’s tweet response to it was: “This is a joke, right?” (chuckling)

This. Is. A. Joke.

(chuckles) I’ll get a picture of it and then put it on the Dittocam here in due course.


RUSH: This is Caroline in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It’s great to have you on the program, Caroline. Thank you for calling. You’re up first today.

CALLER: Rush, I would like to thank you, and I will make this very short and sweet. But about 25 years ago, sir, you saved my life. I started listening to you when I went to college. I broke away from my crazy Democratic liberal family. I live around Hyannis Port where the Kennedys all grew up, and I’m surrounded by liberals. And I can’t thank you enough, sir. I must have angels by my side today to even get through to your show, sir. You are one of, if not the greatest mind in America.

RUSH: Well.

CALLER: I’ve listened to you forever, sir. I’m literally in shock that I’m even speaking to you. But what was so funny is, sir, that when you were talking about the Joe friendship bracelet, whatever that was —

RUSH: Oh, by the way, by the way, we’ve got it now, slap it up there on the Dittocam so people can see it.

CALLER: Oh, Rush —

RUSH: You can keep talking. No, no. You can keep talking. There’s the friendship bracelet.

CALLER: Oh, sir, when I saw that on Fox News this week, I said, “Oh, Rush is gonna have a field day with this.” I said it reeks of desperation. It just shows that he needs Obama’s support or endorsement or whatever. It reeked of desperation. It was so sad.

RUSH: It’s not even desperation. It’s pathetic, Caroline, he desperately wants Obama’s endorsement, and Obama laughed. So Biden’s trying to make it look like Obama’s his friend, he’s my friend, I like Joe, Joe likes me, I like Barack, and Barack likes me. You know, these friendship bracelets, these things are made by 7- and 8-year-old girls. That’s who makes them and wears them.

CALLER: You are just so amazing and so funny. Please don’t ever give up your Latino accent, especially when you say — I crack up every time — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I crack up, Rush. You are the best, and we love you. I love you.

RUSH: Caroline, thank you very much. What a great way to start. What a great call. Wonder how that happened. I cannot thank you enough. And we must take a brief time-out, however, ’cause we are out of horas.


RUSH: By the way, we found out why he changed his mind on that. The actress Alyssa Milano got hold of him. Did you hear about that? An actress went to Joe Biden and leaned on him. “You gotta change your opinion on the Hyde Amendment.” And Biden probably thought, “If I’m gonna get the Barack endorsement, I better do this.”

So it was Alyssa Milano that persuaded Biden to do a 180 on a position he has held for 30 years. His poll numbers have dropped 20 points since his announcement. And now he’s in hiding. He totally skipped Iowa. You know, Trump is doing so well he’s taking on all comers. He’s fighting like no one has for this country. He does not give up. He does not back down. He does not beg forgiveness. He doesn’t back off. It’s amazing. Every hour he’s out blasting the Drive-Bys for their fake news.


RUSH: Here it is right there. “Alyssa Milano Helped Convince Biden to Flip-Flop on Hyde Amendment — Liberal activist and actress Alyssa Milano helped convince Joe Biden to flip-flop on his previous support for the Hyde Amendment. … According to The Atlantic, that was in part due to Milano making a phone call to his campaign manager Greg Schultz: ‘Symone Sanders, one of Biden’s senior advisers, confronted him, she confirmed to me Thursday night, telling Biden that he was missing how his position disproportionately affected poorer women and women of color without easy access to abortion.'”

I betcha she had to give something. Maybe she had to agree to let him smell her hair and massage her shoulders. I’ll bet that’s what it was. I mean, she just calls up and threatens the guy and he flip-flops? There had to be something more to it than that.

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