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RUSH: Campaigning in Detroit this week, Democrat candidate Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren talked about helping little girls who want to go into politics.

She said every chance she gets, she tells little girls that her name is Elizabeth, and the reason she’s running for president is because “girls run for president, and they win.”

Who’s going to tell her? I guess it’s up to me.

This is awkward. Especially after Warren’s recent embarrassing radio interview on The Breakfast Club, when she had to admit she’s not a “person of color” or a member of a Native American tribe. The host called her “the original Rachel Dolezal.”

Listen, Mrs. Warren, it’s true that “girls” – your word – have run for president. Hillary basically told America she should be elected because she’s a girl. (Your word.) And voters sent Hillary packing.

I have no doubt that one day there will be a woman president. She’ll be elected not because she’s a girl, but because she’s thought to be the best person for the job. But that woman is not going to be you, Ms. Warren. Or Rachel Dolezal, at least… with Democrats you never know. We don’t think so.

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