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RUSH: You know, for all of history, folks, all over the world (there are no exceptions to this), leftists, communists, fascists, tinhorn dictators, jungle dictators — wherever you find them — what have they done? What do they do with their political opponents? They slap them in jail. They throw them in jail. Just for defying them on an opinion. Just for defying them, perhaps, in an act of insubordination. That is how people who push back against tyranny are treated.

They are put in prison. It happened in the Soviet Union. It happens to this day in Cuba. It happens in China. The ChiComs imprison all kinds of people, from religious dissidents to political dissidents. It doesn’t matter where you go. Doesn’t matter where you go. Wherever you find tyranny, wherever you find dictatorships, this is the price that people who speak up against tyranny pay — and now what do we have? What do we have right here in the United States of America?

We’ve got the Speaker of the House of Representatives openly saying she wants to put Donald Trump in jail! And for what? What’s the crime? What has Trump done that would warrant being sent to jail? Now, we all know what Pelosi is doing. She’s trying to keep her impeachment mob at bay. And she’s having trouble. She’s in big trouble. You know, Trump has a nickname for her, “Nervous Nancy,” and it’s spot on. Nancy Pelosi, Nervous Nancy’s losing control. She knows that she is losing control.

She’s trying to pander to the kooks. She’s trying to talk them out of what they lust for. They lust for impeachment. We have the audio sound bites coming up. By the way, we have some sound bites of Trump’s speech at Normandy today, which even the Drive-Bys are claiming is the best speech of his presidency. Now, the reason they’re saying that is because it is undeniably great but they say the reason it’s great is because he didn’t talk about himself, which he always does. Well, we’re gonna go back to the archives.

There isn’t a president in this nation’s history who talked about himself more often than Barack Hussein O, otherwise known as The One. Everything was about Obama. Everything! Every speech, every public appearance was about Obama. We’re gonna demonstrate this. But the point is, Trump’s speech was Reaganesque. You can’t pick it apart. And because of the time difference, I don’t think many people have seen it or heard it. And even if you have, if you’re among those who have watched it or heard it, it won’t hurts to hear excerpts of it again.

And I was gonna say, before I reminded myself of that, that we’ve got audio sound bites also of Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee, on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, and Wolf Blitzer begging him to impeach Trump! The CNN anchor, Wolf Blitzed, is begging, cajoling, doing anything he can to convince Nadler to follow through and get this done. I find it just overwhelming that on the day… It’s June 6th today, the day that everybody living in Western Civilization and freedom is commemorating the 75th anniversary of what happened at Normandy.

The preservation of Western Civilization was what Normandy was all about, the preservation of Western Civilization. Defeating Hitler, defeating the German army — defeating Nazism, fascism, and all of that — was about the preservation of Western Civilization. And, of course, the same thing with defeating the Japanese in the Pacific in World War II. But here we are on a day where we are commemorating this great act.

An act, by the way — a type of warfare — that cannot happen again because of technological innovation. Satellites alone make it unlikely that such an invasion would ever happen again today — and because of that, it is really important to go back and look at it. Because of that, it’s really important to remind people who were not alive (and who don’t care) exactly what it took. I’m not talking about just the uniformed military personnel that stormed the beaches at Normandy. They had to have equipment.

They had to have massive numbers of airplanes and ships. They had to have massive amounts of ammunition. They had to have massive amounts of food. The logistics alone! If it weren’t for Henry Ford and his modernization of assembly lines… You know, people think Henry Ford invented the car. He didn’t. The Germans did. He invented modern assembly line manufacturing. Without that, we could not have done Normandy. We could not have produced nearly as much of what we needed as rapidly as we did.

The country came together like we alive today have not seen the country come together. Even after 9/11, we’ve not seen the kind of unity that existed in this country during the early 1940s as we waged World War II and prepared for the invasion of France at Normandy. So I want to relive some of this as the program unfolds today. I just find it ironic that on this day (actually, she did this yesterday but it’s making news today) that Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat leader of the House of Representatives, is saying she doesn’t want Trump impeached, she wants him in jail.

This is what leftist dictators throughout history have done. They do it… They put people in jail who have not committed any crimes. They do it without trials. They do it without juries. They do it without any legal representation, and there’s no appeal. The term “rotting away in a jail” is a legitimate term. There are people to this day in Cuba and in China and probably in the Soviet Union/Russia, who are in political prisons simply for disagreeing with the state.

You see, that was the normal way of things for most of humanity from the beginning of time. Most people have lived in tyranny. Most people have lived in some form of bondage. Most people — born in their natural state of freedom — had it taken from them practically the moment they were born. That was what life as a human being was like. Coddling up to people in power to exempt yourself from that power is how you survived.

Or you stood up against it and got shot. Or you tried to run away from it and live way out in the middle of nowhere so nobody knew what you were doing. The United States of America comes along, and that’s the exception. The United States Constitution, the founding documents, the Declaration of Independence? That’s American exceptionalism. It’s many other things, but that’s the root, I’ve always believed, of American exceptionalism. It’s the idea that human beings are free, and government is there to serve human beings — citizens — not the other way around.

Now, why is Pelosi suggesting Trump needs to go to prison? Well, she’s trying to keep this mob that wants to impeach Trump at bay, and she’s having trouble. That’s why she’s nervous. She can’t control them — and I’ll tell you what. If that crowd — and they are typified by the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes and all these people running for president. If they start raising serious money, then that’s gonna put even more pressure on Pelosi.

Money speaks in in politics, and if these people want Trump impeached start getting overwhelmed with contributions, Pelosi gonna be in deep doo-doo. Because in her view, impeaching Trump may mean she loses the House in 2020. And there’s no “maybe” about it. She thinks impeaching Trump will guarantee his reelection. Now, CNN polls already show Trump is thought to be victorious by a majority of Americans.

We touched on this poll yesterday in relationship to the economy. But a CNN poll is out there. Not only are two-thirds of the American people happy with the economy, but a vast majority of ’em think Trump’s gonna be reelected. So Pelosi knows all this. But there’s now so many factions in the Democrat caucus, and there are some legitimate anti-American factions in her caucus. So I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt, here. I don’t think Nancy Pelosi is the equivalent of a Fidel Castro yet.

I don’t think she really wants to put Donald Trump in jail with the wave of a wand. I think what she’s doing is trying to keep these impeachment monsters at bay by telling them, “Hey, impeachment’s nothing. We gotta put this guy in jail! But we can’t do that ’til he leaves office. We gotta beat him in 2020.” She wants that to be the focus. “We can’t put the guy… Even if he’s convicted of impeachment, we can’t help it him in jail. I want him in jail.” That’s supposed to buy them off. That’s supposed to make them back off and be a little patient.

In her thinking, this mob that she’s trying to control would probably be happier with Trump in prison than just impeached. I could be wrong. She could be, all of a sudden, the modern incarnation of Fidel Castro, and she might want Trump in jail. I don’t doubt that she wants him in jail, but she doesn’t have the ability (like a tinhorn dictator) to put him in jail. That still will have to have through the judicial system, and even if he were impeached and convicted, he’s not gonna go to jail.

They’re gonna have to try him on things and they’re trying to find evidence on that now with a look-see into the finances and all that. I just think the juxtaposition of all this on the 75th anniversary of D-Day cannot be helping these people in any way. If they think that a majority of Americans want the president of the United States in jail or impeached and thrown out of office, they have totally lost touch with who the people of this country are. Now, I was also at Normandy. I’ve been there twice. I was there during the 50th anniversary…

Well, I was there a week after they celebrated the 50th anniversary. But I didn’t get to go see much. It was actually a… I took a quick trip up there from Paris, just ’cause if I wanted to see it. I had other business in Paris. And then in 2013, I took a vacation to Europe and carved out a full day (a day and a half, actually) to go up to Normandy and see it all. I posted photos at RushLimbaugh.com from the trip to the cemetery, to the various beaches, Pointe du Hoc where the Rangers climbed straight up the cliffs with the Germans raining machine gun fire down on them. It was…

When you go there and you see this and you have the knowledge of what happened there, it puts you in awe. You’re standing on hallowed ground, and you’re standing on historical ground, and you’re taking every bit of information you know, visualizing it as you stand there, imagine putting yourself in the middle of it, being part of it, knowing that you weren’t. That ratchets up your profound appreciation. You cannot go to that cemetery… It’s like going to Arlington. You can’t go to the cemetery — and they’re all over. They’re in U.K., they’re in Italy.

American cemeteries.

The one at Normandy is just… You can’t hear a sound except for the birds chirping, and there are thousands buried, and there are people walking around. You can’t hear a sound. The solemnity immediately grabs you. I remember, I came back from that trip, and I described a little bit of it, and since Trump did this great, great speech today… I’m gonna play that, and my comments were about six-minutes long back in 2013. Rather than say it again, I’m just gonna replay what I said back then. I read the transcript, and, as you can understand, it was really good. So I’m gonna do that again, in addition to weaving all of the other news that’s out there into all of this.


RUSH: Now, look. Don’t anybody misunderstand me here. “Hey, Rush, Pelosi not just throwing that line off. They want Trump in jail!” I know they want Trump in jail. I’m saying Pelosi is saying this right now. She got… There’s a multi-purposed strategy being implemented here. The first thing she’s gotta do, in her mind… Now, look. I’m just telling what I think she thinks. I’m not endorsing it, agreeing with it, or anything. She doesn’t want to impeach Trump right now. Flat-out, she just doesn’t want to do it. She doesn’t want it to happen.

She thinks they’ll lose the House majority. She thinks Trump will be reelected almost automatically. She doesn’t want to do it. She remembers how the Republicans got damaged even after they successfully impeached Bill Clinton. Clinton wasn’t convicted, but he was impeached. It’s forever on his legacy — and Clinton even was penalized. He lost his law license. He was found guilty of suborning perjury, among other things, in the Paula Jones case.

Even at that, the Republicans ended up paying a steep price for doing it because Clinton’s numbers were pretty good. Trump’s numbers are not anywhere near impeach level. You gotta be down to 20%, 30% for this. He’s nowhere near that. He’s 44, 48%, in some polls over 50. So it’s not gonna work, and she knows it. So she wants to keep these people at bay. “I want Trump in prison.” They do want Trump in prison! They want Trump in prison. Pelosi may not be the equivalent of the Fidel Castro of the day, but there are plenty of people in that party who are, folks.

There’s a Politico story that just happens to come out a day after Pelosi says she wants Trump in jail. Headline: “How Trump Could Be Prosecuted After the White House,” by Renato Mariotti. “Impeachment is a big question mark, but an outline of the case against an ex-President Trump is already taking shape.” So I did not mean to imply that she was using a throwaway line. She’s trying to buy time and make sure (or hope) that Nadler and the rest of the malcontents in her party do not start the impeachment proceedings.

She’s hoping that the prospect of Trump going to jail after he leaves office will be an even bigger desire than impeachment, especially if she can make them believe that that would happen as soon as Trump loses in 2020. So I’m under no illusions what the left wants. It’s one of the reasons I opened here by describing what leftists and dictators around the world have done historically. They jail their political opponents! What the hell is happening here? This Trump collusion story, what is it ultimately?

This is all a political operation. It’s not legal. It’s not intelligence. It wasn’t a genuine FBI criminal investigation. It wasn’t even a legitimate CIA intelligence or counterintel investigation. It was made to look like that, but this was a political operation started by the Hillary Clinton campaign. And what was its purpose? To criminalize political opposition. Well, that’s exactly what leftist dictators and people who run tyrannical countries do with their political opponents! The American left today is not the Democrat Party of old.

You know, you wouldn’t have to look hard today to find — within the mainstream of the Democrat Party — a bunch of people who don’t think Normandy is anything to celebrate, who don’t think there’s much of America worth celebrating. Make no mistake about it. There are people — and this is not news, actually. They’ve mentioned prosecuting Trump at the SDNY, the Southern District of New York, Manhattan. You remember Mueller passed off a bunch of cases to them during the so-called investigation. So I’m not under any illusion. I think Pelosi, for now, is trying to use that as a carrot to keep her caucus in check.

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