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RUSH: Back to the phones, Richmond, Virginia. This is Susan. I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, thank you, Rush. My comment is largely: How in the world is it gonna be time for us, the people, to take back our own country? I mean, they’re trying to steal it. There’s lots of robbers and thieves out there, but one of the biggest is the media. It absolutely terrifies me when you mention that they all say the same language; they all have the same story. It’s scary. It’s like not just deep state. It’s like deep… It’s like state media, basically, and —

RUSH: Well, in a way… In a way, it is, given how they have chosen to align themselves. I don’t think there’s any question on this. This whole Trump-Russia collusion thing has brought out into the open who they really are and have always been. They are part of what everybody’s calling the deep state or the administrative state. They are not actually media, Susan. They get to operate under the constitutional protections of media, but they don’t really do journalism. It literally is nothing more than political activism.

Yeah, they’ve got some reporters that go out and do stories. They stand up in the snow and tell you it’s snowing and that you shouldn’t do it. And they go out there and they trash fossil fuel companies and so forth. But basically, everything they’re doing, one way or the other, is simply moving forward what the agenda is of the Democrat Party and the American left, and they do it disguised as journalism, which makes it even more hideous —


RUSH: — because it covers and masks their activism as legitimate truth telling. And it isn’t that. And that’s what’s plain as day for anybody to see now since these last two years have happened.

CALLER: True. True.

RUSH: There’s no getting rid of them. I mean, what can we do to take our country back? There’s no reforming the media.

CALLER: No, there’s not. But it… I think we as American people are forgetting how powerful we are, that that was a basis of this country. And I think that… I mean, there’s a lot of… Our country’s taken a lot of arrows, and I think to a certain extent, Rush… I hate to say this, but I think a lot of us — me in particular — hide behind you. We hide behind. Now we hide behind Trump, too, and let you guys take the arrows, and it’s time to do more than just vote and just send money. I think —

RUSH: Well, let me tell you something. If you had a microphone, you’d be taking hits too. It’s just they don’t know how to get to you. But they try! It’s an interesting observation of yours because this opposition of Trump and the character assassination really is aimed at you. It’s aimed at the people who voted for him, and that’s what the real rage is targeted to. Because in their world, Trump is gonna come and go but you are gonna still be there voting the way you vote, thinking the way you think.

And their anger… Yeah, they hate Trump because he’s right there in front of ’em and they don’t like his personality. But what they’re really enraged at is you, because you, A, voted for him, and you won’t abandon him. So I appreciate your comment, but… I don’t know. If they could find you, and if they found you to be effective, then they’d come after you just like they do anybody on the right that they deem to be effective at persuasion and so forth.

I get the version of this question all the time: “What more can we do besides vote?” My answer always is: You probably do more than you already know you do simply by living your life and telling people what you think. You never know the sphere of your influence. Word of mouth, opinion spreads like wildfire in certain instances. Don’t forget that.

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