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RUSH: It was just last week I went through the process again of explaining how the left and how the media do not understand Donald Trump and do not make one slight effort, not the slightest effort to understand him. They persist in purposely misunderstanding and misrepresenting Donald Trump. And we’re just lucky that we have somebody in the face of all this who fires back.

You know what I saw? Do you know what Trump’s approval numbers are in the U.K., which is where he is right now? It’s been kind of funny to watch these videos of Trump and the statuesque and really gorgeous Melania, who is completely and totally ignored by the fashion Nazis around the world. But it’s been fascinating. You know what his approval numbers are in the U.K.? I’m not gonna lie. Not gonna make it up. He’s in the twenties and thirties.

You know why? The only cable news network they have over there is CNN. So CNN secures Trump a 20 — I mean, that’s all they know. That’s the only news they’ve got. Maybe the Daily Mail, they’ve got some local news over there. But the BBC may as well be CNN. And it just goes to demonstrate what happens when there is not an alternative media.

Now, the Drive-Bys, in effect, for the most part, still have a monopoly in the U.K. And so 20 to 30% is what Trump’s approval number there is, and Trump even said, he said every one of you who use AT&T need to cancel ’em until CNN fixes itself. CNN’s now owned by AT&T in one of the latest mergers. But that’s just Trump fighting back.

Now, what I’m specifically referring to, how many of you — just like Mr. Snerdley came to me today. He came, he walked in here breathlessly, I said, “Oh, my gosh, something’s wrong.” He said, “Is Apple really getting rid of iTunes today? Are they really? Say it isn’t so!”

I said, “What are you talking about?”

“It’s all over the news! Apple’s getting rid of iTunes.”

I said, “No, they’re not getting rid of iTunes today!”

“Well, it’s what the news says.”

“I know the news says that, but trust me, they’re not getting rid of iTunes. Not only that, they’re not getting rid of the functions that are contained in iTunes. They’re not getting rid of what iTunes does.”

There has been so much fake news about this. Because I happen to know, I was not affected by it, I was not put into a panic state over this. But Snerdley was. He said, “I knew you’d know this, but Rush, no matter where you turn the news on Apple today is they’re getting rid of iTunes.” They may, in two to three years, but if they decided today, if they announced today that iTunes is history, they’re not gonna kill it.

They’re gonna let it phase out over two to three years like they phase out — they had a photo app, you know, like Photoshop called Aperture, and they let it die. iPhoto before Photos, they took it three years to die. They don’t just zap stuff. They know people have habits and customs associated with their software.

They’re gonna break up the functions of iTunes, music, TV, and podcasts on the Mac, just like it is on the iPhone and the iPad. And for people that want to, they’re gonna be able not to use iTunes going forward, but they’re not gonna get rid of it. The same thing with Trump did not call Meghan Markle nasty. But how many of you think that he did?

I’ll explain more what this iTunes business is in a minute. But I want to stick with the Trump business. ‘Cause it’s all fake news. Trump did not call Meghan Markle nasty. If anything, she’s called him a reprobate and a misogynist and all kinds of — and promised to leave America if he got elected, and she followed through on it. She convinced one of those princes to marry her. Prince Harry. And so she left America. But Trump did not call her nasty.

You want to hear this? Here. Grab audio sound bite number 2. This is a media montage of the Drive-Bys purposely distorting Trump’s “nasty” remark about Meghan Markle.

RICHARD LUI: (music) A nasty start to President Trump’s trip to England.

TOM LLAMAS: (music) …now denying he called Meghan Markle, quote, “nasty.”

DAVID WRIGHT: (b-roll noise) “Nasty” is a word Trump has used before — to dismiss Hillary Clinton!

JOHN BERMAN: He called Meghan Markle “nasty” and then denied it even though there is actually sound of him saying it.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: The president called Meghan Markle “nasty.”

KENDIS GIBSON: President Trump called the American princess “nasty.”

MARGARET BRENNAN: …Meghan Markle, referring to her as “nasty.”

TERRY MORAN: “Nasty!” Trump denied that on Twitter. But, roll the tape…

ALEX WITT: (laughter) He denied something that he said on tape, when he called Meghan Markle “nasty.”

FREDRICKA WHITFIELD: The president took to Twitter to deny those very comments.

ANDREW GILLUM: The president calling a woman “nasty” is not news now, uhhh, especially when it comes to women of color.

RUSH: Ooh! “Women of color.” Speaking of women and people of color, you know they tracked down the guy who originally posted the video of Pelosi, the doctored video making Pelosi look drunk. Well, they didn’t track him down. Let me tell you how this happened. Some Drive-By reporter for… Who is it? What is this clown’s name? I’ve had to split the sound bites up into two stacks, and it’s in here, and I…

Anyway, what happened was, some reporter called Facebook and asked Facebook if they would provide the name and information — the data — on the person who originated this. And Facebook did it! Can you call Facebook and say, “I want the information on X and X” and have them give it to you? You have to be law enforcement with a warrant for that! And you know who did it? An African-American forklift operator in Albany or some such place — just an average, ordinary user. It was not a political consultant, not a politician.

It was just a regular guy, and this guy’s now been doxed. Whoever this reporter is wrote this gigantic story exposing the guy and his name, and he happens to be African-American. But because he’s an African-American conservative, he’s being savaged now. Let me find this. I just need the guy’s name. (muttering) I’ll find it here. It’s in the Stack somewhere. I had not intended to get to it now. So now, all of a sudden, Trump is a racist in addition to a mean guy because he’s referred to a “woman of color,” Meghan Markle, as “nasty.”

Now, we have the tape. He did not call her “nasty.” He used the word. He used the word, but he did not call her “nasty.” Now, I’ve got the audio sound bite. It’s from… (interruption) What? Who? (interruption) Yeah, but I’m not thinking the guy that did the doctoring. I’m trying to think of the media person who he works for. I’ve got it here in the Stack somewhere. Trump… This is the interview Saturday on the U.K.’s The Sun website. It’s one of their newspapers.

They posted an interview between correspondent Tom Newton Dunn and President Trump recorded in the Oval Office, and when you listen to this… This is so obvious, if you just take a moment to understand who Trump is. He is being asked about somebody and something that he doesn’t care about and doesn’t really know about. So he’s vamping and just speaking here about something that he’s really not clear about. You’ll hear this. It’s perfectly understandable. So here’s the question. “The duchess of Sussex…” Already, Trump’s lost. I don’t know what the duchess of Sussex is. Do you?

“The duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, will not be attending the state visit, Mr. President, because she’s on maternity leave. Are you sorry you can’t see her? Because she wasn’t so nice about you during the campaign. I don’t know if you saw that.” Trump doesn’t have the slightest idea. I’ll guarantee you. He doesn’t know that she’s pregnant, doesn’t know that she’s sick, doesn’t know that she’s not coming. He doesn’t know anything. He’s gotta answer the question, though.  So listen to the answer.  It’s Trump repeating himself two or three times.  It’s what he does when he’s trying to fill time but doesn’t really know what he’s been asked about here.

THE PRESIDENT:  I didn’t know that, no.

DUNN: Yeah!

THE PRESIDENT: I didn’t know that.  No, I hope she’s okay.  I did not know that, no.

DUNN:  She said she’d move to Canada if you got elected.  Turned out, she moved to Britain.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, that’ll be good.  A lot of people moving here.  So, what can I say?  No, I didn’t know that she was nasty.

DUNN: Is it good having an American princess then, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT:  I think it’s nice, and I’m sure she’ll do excellently.  She’ll be… She’ll be very good.  She’ll be very good.  I hope she does.

RUSH:  He hasn’t the slightest idea what he’s being asked! “I hope she’ll be very good.  I know she’ll be very good.  I hope she’s excellent.”  He doesn’t have the slightest idea.  He doesn’t care.  What he says here when he says, “I didn’t know that she was nasty,” is he didn’t know that she had ripped him!  He didn’t know that she had been critical.  He didn’t know that she claimed she was gonna move out of the country. He didn’t know — and to him, when you criticize him, you’re nasty.

He called Hillary Clinton, “She’s a nasty woman” because of what she said about him.  He didn’t just pull “nasty” out of thin air and attach it to her.  It is the fact that he didn’t know that she ripped him and now he’s being asked to comment on it, and he says, “I didn’t know that she was nasty,” meaning, “She had been unkind to me.”  He’s not talking about who she is, what kind of person she is. This is the kind of thing that if you don’t take the time to get to know the person — and, by the way, they don’t care.

Even if they knew who Trump was — if they knew his thought and speech patterns, if they knew how he reacted — they would have still run this story this way.  It doesn’t matter.  This is why Trump is constantly pushing back against these people.  You’ve gotta put yourself in his shoes.  You’re lied about four times a day every day — 24/7, 365 — by the Drive-By Media, who are doing nothing more than trying to destroy your reputation, destroy your presidency.  This is another classic example.=

The reporter is Kevin Poulsen of The Daily Beast is who reported on who the black forklift operator is in New York. He actually works in Queens and now lives in the Bronx.  So this guy calls Facebook and says, “Hey, can you give me the name of the guy that posted the Pelosi video?” and Facebook did it!  So you can get mad at the reporter all you want, but, for crying out loud, it… You know, Facebook’s already got a problem here with people. One of their lawyers admitted the other day…

You know, it’s amazing.  When you go to court and you’re under oath, it’s amazing what happens and the truth.  One of the Facebook lawyers said (summarized), “There is no privacy.  What are we talking about? There is no privacy! Once you’re online, there is no privacy.”  That’s the official Facebook position: “There is no privacy. We’re not guarding anybody’s privacy. There isn’t any anymore.”  A lawyer for Facebook said this.  Six of one, half dozen of the other to me.  But the fact that this reporter…

And this reporter’s out there now taking kudos and everybody’s praising him for great reporting, and he couldn’t have done diddly-squat if Facebook hadn’t given up a name and all the information about one of their members or customers.  This is not supposed to happen!  You gotta be law enforcement with a warrant. It’s no different than when Apple would not give up the data on the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorists out there. The FBI said, “You gotta let us in. You gotta create a back door to your software so we can get in here.”

Apple said, “We’re not gonna do it. We’re not gonna let you in.”

Apple stood fast, and they even told law enforcement to go pound sand.  Call Facebook, and they’ll tell you whatever you want to know.  But this guy, the forklift operator, he’s just an average, ordinary American conservative. He happens to be African-American. He put together a parody or satire video of Pelosi, and now the guy’s life has been destroyed by being doxed.  He’s a former forklift operator worked in the Bronx, lives in Queens. “Shawn Brooks, a black man from Queens, said he became a conservative in the Obama years after losing his longtime job as a forklift driver to illegal aliens.”

He says he’s “not a Trump fan.”  He says he “just posted the video and others actually edited it.”  But it doesn’t matter.  He’s just a citizen.  He’s an average, ordinary guy, and he sees all these parody videos and he sees all these other things in the media. Oh, I’m gonna try to create one of my own. So he does it. But because it was about Pelosi, the state moves in and just will not allow this.  So fake news is all over the place, and this is exactly how it happens, and once again, Donald Trump… (summarized) “Well, that will be good.  You know, a lot of them are moving here so what can I say?  No, I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

Remember, he was asked, “The duchess of Sussex won’t be attending because she is on maternity leave.  Are you sorry you can’t see her?  She wasn’t so nice about you during the campaign.”  Trump doesn’t know. He couldn’t have the slightest idea what Meghan Markle said about him during the campaign. So this guy’s asking him for a reaction.  “I didn’t know she was nasty.”  He was not calling her nasty! I maintain that over half the people reporting this know exactly what Trump meant and said, and they’re just taking advantage of the occasion to smear Trump anyway.


RUSH:  Okay.  Quick sound bite here.  Noah Shachtman, who is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast — which is the website that published the name of the guy, the African-American forklift operator in the Pelosi video. They had him on there to talk about this. Brian Stelter, Little Brian Stelter says, “It got a lot of attention a week ago,” that Pelosi video. “You’re trying to figure out who created it?”

SHACHTMAN:  This is a video that was a hoax that reached up to the highest, highest levels of power with Rudy Giuliani himself pushing it out.  Kevin Poulsen was able to track down the kind of network of fake news sites — network pushing this — and the person that first the uploaded the video.  Uh, it was a matter of ideology.  He’s a big Trump supporter.  And one of the most interesting things about this story, to me, was that you don’t need some sophisticated operation in order to publish fake news or publish a hoax that will grab, uh, the country’s attention. It —

STELTER:  It doesn’t take a Russian bot farm! It’s just one person with video-editing software tricking people!

RUSH:  Would you give me a break. Who do these people think we are?  How dumb and stupid do they think we are?  “Why, this reached to the highest levels of power.”  Are you kidding me?  This video stood out among all others?  This guy’s not even a Trump supporter, the guy that did the video.  This is happening for one reason.  It was because it’s close to the truth.  Pelosi has been slurring her words for a number of years now, she’s teetering and tottering out there.  This is getting a little too close to the truth.

So they had to expose this guy — and what they’re actually doing is trying to intimidate all rest of you into not trying something like this.  Big fake news. “You don’t need some sophisticated operation in order to push fake…” (laughing) Who are they kidding?  Of course you don’t.  It doesn’t take the New York Times to publish fake news.  By the way, speaking of fake, there’s another story out there that Trump changed his hairstyle.  Did you see this?  He has not changed his hairstyle.

The same newspaper that asked Trump the question about Meghan Markle, the U.K. Sun (it’s a tabloid) ran the story and picture after Trump shows up at the church yesterday. “Look at this!  Trump is changing his hairstyle for the queen.”  Now, ladies and gentlemen, if you noticed, as I did, Trump obviously came to the church yesterday state from the golf course.  He still had on his golf shoes. He had the slacks he wears playing golf. He put on a sport coat.  I have been there, seen this, and done that.


RUSH: Bradley in Killeen, Texas. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, it is an honor. You are a lighthouse to sanity, my friend, in this evil, liberal storm of insanity.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Hey, listen. The caller that said that Trump insulted a woman of color talking about Meghan Markle and the race card, I just wanted to list a couple things. He nominated the first female black brigadier general of the Marine Corps. Trump did that. He gave more money, federal funds to historical black colleges than any president in history and faster. Also, at his St. Petersburg rally when he was done in Florida, if you looked when he was finished, the first group of people that he addressed were about 10 to 15 awesome black people standing behind him who were ecstatic. And it made my day.

So this big liberal lie. They’re like the Sam Jackson character in Django Unchained, that’s who the liberals are. So any time a black person steps out and wants to think for themselves, they’re the guys that come to rat ’em out because they’re the biggest racists on the planet.

So I want to say to our black brothers and sisters in this country that Trump supporters — and when he says MAGA, that means all of us — we love you, we care about you guys as much as we care about anybody, and the reason we fight so hard against illegal immigration is because we want the inner city communities to be lifted up just like everybody else, and we don’t want it to be at the expense of poor people and the black inner city community.

So the liberals out there listening, you guys are liars, it doesn’t work. I know four of 10 African-Americans that are gonna vote for Trump in 2020, and, Rush, I just want to see our side fight harder. We take it lying down. I’m passionate about it. We need to start pushing back harder against that big lie, my friend.

RUSH: Well, let me tell you something. For 30 years on this program, and even longer than that, the Democrats have had this branding effort of theirs that whenever Republicans or conservatives are mentioned or whenever they do anything, the reaction is racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. And that’s all they’ve got. You know, it’s on purpose. It is automatic.

So Meghan Markle, I guess one of her parents is black, makes her a person of color. So they lie about Trump calling her nasty, and then say that he’s insulting yet another person of color. There’s nothing that’s going to make them stop.

You can appeal to them all day long to stop, they’re not gonna stop doing it. It’s all they know. It’s automatic reaction. It’s not even the result of intellectual application or thought. What Trump is doing to overcome it is better than anything anybody else — African-American unemployment, Hispanic, record lows.

Anyway, I appreciate the sentiment and the call.

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