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RUSH: Jason in Ashville, Alabama. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, just want to revisit the Chernobyl miniseries discussion you were having last week, because it seems like there’s lots of parallels between the Soviet Union and the current American left. And this analysis I was gonna ask you about was it seemed like both parties definitely devalued life. And the Soviets replaced God with science and scientists. Do you think the left is doing the same thing with AI now?

RUSH: It is interesting about Chernobyl. Those are fascinating questions. The Chernobyl finale is tonight, by the way, at 9 o’clock on HBO. And, by the way, it was not I saying last week that Chernobyl is the best TV show ever. That’s how it’s been rated on such sites as IMDB and other fan-rated — it actually is rating higher than Game of Thrones or The Wire, Sopranos, or what have you. But it could just be because it’s current and they’re old.

This is a portrayal of the nuclear meltdown at the Chernobyl plant and the aftermath. And it’s stunning because it is the most accurate portrayal of everything Soviet Union I’ve ever seen. You gotta understand, the American left had a romantic attachment to the Soviet Union. You people that weren’t alive in the seventies or eighties or weren’t old enough then to be on the cutting edge of political coverage of that, it was stunning the love and association, the respect for the Soviet Union by the American left and the Democrat Party.

It was mind-boggling. It was befuddling then as it is now. It was a Third World nation economically with a First World military that had nukes. And I think its existence was almost orchestrated after World War II so that we would not be the only superpower in the world. But aside from that, the Soviet Union, let me tell you a trick they did in school.

Communism requires that its adherents do not believe in God. The state is everything. The state, the party, the government is everything. In school, grade school, the Soviets would get two plants, flowers, what have you, put ’em on the window sill. Tell the students we are gonna take care of one of them every day, and we’re gonna let God take care of the other one.

So they would water and nurture one plant or flower every day, do what it took to make it grow and ignore the other one. And after a week the one they ignored died. That’s God. God doesn’t exist. The state was everything. And this program makes no bones about what life in the Soviet Union was like, makes no bones about the fear that everybody in government had of the next person above them on the bureaucratic chain.

The writers of this show are out there claiming they want people to think of Donald Trump when they watch it. Folks, I guarantee you, Trump will be the last thing you think of when you watch this show. Most people are gonna say, “Gee. Is this what the Soviet Union was?” Yeah, it is.

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