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May 31, 2019


Daily Wire: Trump Takes MAJOR Action Against Mexico To Stop Illegal Immigration
AP: Trump Announces New Mexican Tariffs In Response To Migrants
MSN: Trump to Hit Mexico with 5 Percent Tariff Over Border Clash
Federalist: Barr Unloads On Collusion Conspiracy Theory: ‘This Whole Idea That Trump Was In Cahoots With The Russians Is Bogus’
CBS: Barr Says Justice Department and Mueller Sparred Over “Legal Analysis” in Russia Report
Reuters: Disney CEO Says It Will Be ‘Difficult’ To Film In Georgia If Abortion Law Takes Effect
New York Times: North Korea Executed and Purged Top Nuclear Negotiators, South Korean Report Says
National Review: Barr: Counter-intelligence Probe of Trump Campaign Crossed ‘Serious Red Line’
Twitchy: Writer/Producer of ‘Chernobyl’ Thanks Stephen King For Making It About Trump
New York Times: This Means WAR? Liberals Angry That NY Times Turned Down a Maddow Invite
Vanity Fair: “Inconsistent, Incoherent, and Poorly Conceived”: As the Times Clamps Down on Reporters Going on MSNBC, Is This a Liberal-Media War?
The Hill: Trump’s approval rating hits highest point in two years
Breitbart: Disney CEO Bob Iger Throws In: ‘Very Difficult’ to Do Business in Georgia If Abortion Law Stands
GatewayPundit: Far Left Late Night Host Jimmy Kimmel Pleads with Nancy Pelosi to Impeach Trump “Get in There” and “Take Care of This”
Washington Examiner: Andrew McCabe Backs Away From Claim That Trump Might Be A Russian Asset
Breitbart: WarnerMedia, Parent of CNN, HBO, TNT, Threatens to Boycott Georgia over Abortion Law


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