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RUSH: The city of Los Angeles has entered into a legal settlement with the homeless.

Months of negotiations ended last week, when the city agreed not to put a cap on the amount of property that homeless people can keep on skid row. That’s a 50-block area in downtown Los Angeles.

Now, under the agreement, the city can remove large possessions like refrigerators and sofas that block sidewalks. The city can also destroy rat-infested items and other possessions that present health hazards, like typhus.

But there’s more. The city will also pay over $600,000 in damages, attorneys fees, and legal costs, to the homeless. On top of the $31 million the city has already paid to clean up skid row, which is still a squalid mess.

So, the homeless of Los Angeles and the Democrats who run Los Angeles have smoked the peace pipe. The homeless can continue to live in their own city-within-a-city in downtown LA, but some of their bigger creature comforts, like refrigerators and sofas, have got to go.

This is what you call living the dream, folks, living the dream in Blue America! And notice who wins here. Democrat lawyers at the end of the day.

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