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RUSH: So everybody said, “He can’t make Mexico pay for the wall. What is he talking about? Mexico’s never gonna pay for the wall. Trump’s full of it. Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing.” Looks like Mexico is going to start paying for the wall.


RUSH: The president announced that on June 10th the United States is gonna impose a 5% tariff on all goods coming into our country from Mexico until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico and into our country stop. The tariff will gradually increase until the illegal immigration problem is remedied.

Here is the schedule of tariffs. Five percent effective on June 10th. Ten percent effective on July 1st. Fifteen percent effective on August 1st. Twenty percent effective on September 1st. Twenty-five percent tariffs effective October 1st and continuing therein until Mexico takes action to stop the flow of Central American migrants.

Now, naturally the left is up in arms. You can’t do that. You can’t raise tariffs. It’s gonna raise the cost of goods coming into the country. That’s the exact point! The president of Mexico is not happy about this. He wants to have conversations with Trump ASAP about it.

But what is the real point here? What is there to glean from this? I mean, anybody can tell you what the tariff schedule is, and anybody can give you their thoughts on tariffs and so forth. But let me tell you what this means to me. And this is why the left is going to be so hard-pressed and why the Democrat Party is gonna be so hard-pressed to get rid of Donald Trump.

They still, after all of this time, they still haven’t taken the time to learn who he really is. They haven’t taken the time to understand why his voters, not just support him, but have this unbreakable bond with him. All they have for all of that is resentment. They have thrown all of their eggs in the political basket of getting rid of Trump, and that’s all they can think about.

You would think that, as part of that, at least their political consultants would try to understand this. It would make it easier. If you’ve got somebody in politics you really want to wipe out and beat, find out how you do it. They can’t move beyond the fact that in their view, Donald Trump is a scumbag. And that alone disqualifies, their version, their definition of a scumbag.


RUSH: They don’t take any time whatsoever to try to understand who Donald Trump is and why people continually stick through all of their efforts to impugn him, to destroy him, to wipe him out, to mischaracterize him, to slander and libel him.

They can’t understand why people still hang in, and I’m gonna tell you why. And don’t worry; I’m not giving anything away here. They’re not gonna listen to me. They’re not gonna believe it. It’s not gonna have any impact on them at all. The simple fact of the matter is as evidenced by the tariff schedule announcement in Mexico, Donald Trump does not give up. Donald Trump does not give up. He promised in his campaign that he was gonna do something about illegal immigration, and he’s gone about it every which way from Sunday.

He has tried to cooperate with people in Washington. He’s tried to go the legislation route, he’s tried to go the executive action/executive order route, and at every turn, members of his opposition, the Democrat Party, the judiciary, shut him down. At every turn. Now, by this time… I’m gonna tell you: By this time, most Republican presidents would have caved. They would have simply said, “I don’t have the political capital to do this. I’ve got to cave. I can’t get it done.” I mean, I could give you some examples.

I don’t like calling people out this way, but remember George W. Bush wanted to privatize part of Social Security? Remember how that got beaten? It was a brilliant plan. It was an absolutely brilliant plan that would have been great for everybody. But the Democrats and the financial industry torpedoed it. Well, not the financial industry. The Democrats and the pro-big-government crowd torpedoed it, and Bush’s adviser had to walk into the Oval Office one day and say, “Sorry, Mr. President. We just are not gonna be able to get this done.”

So it got shelved, and there are many other examples of that. They throw up their hands and say, “I tried! I tried! Reelect me, please. You tried, at least I tried to do what I said. At least I tried.” Trump puts “at least I tried” to shame. Donald Trump does not cave, and he does not give up. Donald Trump’s not gonna run around saying, “I tried to do it, but the Democrats shut me down at every turn. Please reelect me. The Democrats are the bad guys, I tried.” Donald Trump is going to get it done, and this is why his supporters remain confident.

Donald Trump promised a wall, he promised security on the border. He tries to do something about it, by legislation, by executive order. Democrats sue. Obama-appointed judges take it away. He tries to work with the Democrats to change it with common sense legislation, talk about adding new laws. They refuse to lift a finger and in fact enhance and increase the sanctuary city movement. So Trump comes along and says, “Okay. I’ll tell you what. Then we’ll just move all these illegals to your sanctuary cities,” and what do they say?

(sputtering)”You can’t do that! You can’t… Y-y-you can’t embarrass us that way. You… They… You can’t do that. Trump says, “I’m gonna do it,” and is doing it. Do you know that it is happening? It isn’t being reported, but some 200,000 have been moved to sanctuary cities. He gets the Pentagon to shovel some money for the wall. The Democrats scream like stuck pigs! He has had most of the normal options removed, and yet he keeps trying to deliver on this promise. I think it is the true trait of a problem solver not to let obstacles stop them.

They readjust. They adapt. That is such a big word. As human beings, we have to adapt all the time, every day, individually, to our surroundings, the circumstances. As a species, we have to adapt to environmental things. And when you look at that, by the way, look at the way the left seeks adaptation to reverse progress, to go backwards in time, always making government bigger and more intrusive. But problem solvers adjust, readjust. They adapt, they rethink, and they find clever and creative ways around traditional roadblocks.

So Trump announces massive tariffs on Mexico until they step up and help with this problem. Eighty percent of the stuff that Mexico exports comes straight into the United States. These tariffs are gonna devastate their economy. “Well, what about the American consumer, Rush?” Let me ask you a question. Trump has raised tariffs 10%, 25% so far on the ChiComs. Have you noticed it? I’m asking. I’m not… Don’t infer an answer here. Have you noticed it? As you go about your business, how have the 25% increase in tariffs with the ChiComs affected you?

Are your gadgets more expensive yet? Has anything happened? Maybe not, but the ChiComs have noticed (chuckles), because it is impacting the ChiComs. Oh. Speaking of that, did you hear what little Kim Jong-un supposedly did? He supposedly summarily executed five or six people because of the failed round of nuclear talks with Trump! Including the interpreter and including the chief nuclear negotiator, the counterpart to Mike Pompeo, our secretary of state. It’s just one source saying this. And I have… Folks, I can’t give you a name, but my memory on this is clear.

We have been told in the past that the Norks have executed people and then miraculously those people are seen walking around. So it’s not something we should automatically conclude. But at least it’s being reported. The North Korean News Agency wants the world to know that Kim Jong-un executed six failures for embarrassing him on the world stage.


RUSH: My point is, Trump has taken a very hard line on the tariffs with Mexico because it’s about all that’s left to him. He could still close the whole border, but he doesn’t give up. He does not cave away. He does not let these people dispirit him or depress him.

He doesn’t throw his hands up and he doesn’t give up — and until the left, until the Democrats really take the time to figure out who they’re dealing with here, they’re never, ever gonna get it. And they won’t. Don’t worry. Their arrogance will not permit them to find out who the real Donald Trump is. They already know: He’s a scumbag, and that’s it.

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