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RUSH: The TV show Chernobyl? Remember I told you about that. You want to hear something crazy? It’s five episodes. The finale comes up on Monday night.

Already on IMDB (or IDMB, whatever that is, public ratings), it’s being called the greatest television show ever, greater than The Game of Thrones, greater than The Sopranos, according to current ratings. That’s gonna change as time goes on, but that’s how much people are into it. And it is… Folks, I’m telling you, it is an indictment of bureaucracy. It’s an indictment of communism. It’s an indictment of the old Soviet Union.

It’s amazingly political, and it is amazingly accurate — and remember our theory as to why all of a sudden the Soviet Union’s being portrayed honestly. It’s because they are the Russians, and right now the Russians are the bad guys. Right now, the Russians are bad because of their collusion with Trump and denying Hillary Clinton the election and blah, blah, blah. So finally, we have an honest portrayal of the old Soviet Union, and it really is. Also, if you watch it, you think you’re watching a real-life horror movie at the same time.

Basically, just the special effects the way they portray how you die with severe radiation poisoning. It ain’t pretty. And it’s on HBO. I mean, everything about this is amazing. HBO broadcasting a show that is anti-Big Government, anti-Soviet Union? I mean, this is a network and their buddies that tried to say Gorbachev was a savior of the world during the Reagan years, and Gorbachev is made to look like an absolute buffoon in this show, as is everybody involved.


RUSH: You want to hear something interesting? I’ve got a tweet here from Stephen King, the noted horror author. He tweeted that you cannot watch Chernobyl without thinking of Trump. Let me tell you something, folks: The last thing I thought of when I watched Chernobyl was…Trump? King goes on to say that Trump is “an unintelligent, uncurious, moron,” I’m paraphrasing here, “who isn’t curious and therefore we’re all at risk for similar-type events happening in the world.”

Now, Stephen King is a darling of the American left. He’s a darling of the American literature community, literary community. But I’m gonna tell you: If you watch Chernobyl, the last thing that you’re going to think of is Donald Trump. You’re going to think of communism. You’re going to think of gigantic bureaucracies and how people who put the state first — and how individuals do not have the freedom to act even to do the right thing.

There’s no way you’re gonna look at this as Trump unless you have a predisposition for it. Now, interesting. The writer of the show says that Stephen King is right, that they had Trump in mind when they put this thing together or something along those lines. It’s patently absurd. These people who think they’re so brilliant and so smart, really have no idea what they don’t know and how closed their own minds are.


RUSH: I’ll tell you something else that I think of when I watch Chernobyl. I think of all the fecal matter on the streets of San Francisco. I think of all the pollution in all these cities, the dirty water and all the crap in all the cities that have been run by Democrats for years and years and years. That’s what I think of when I watch Chernobyl.

Then you have these people out there now claiming, including the writer of the show (paraphrasing), “Oh, yeah. This is all about Trump. You’re very smart, Mr. King, to see that we are portraying Donald Trump.”

You know something about these people on the left? They have an arrogant condescension about themselves. It’s something that’s always rubbed me wrong. But if you go back and look, what did they think of George W. Bush? They thought he was an idiot, that he was stupid, that he was nothing more than a cowboy. Ronald Reagan, Ronaldus Magnus, an amiable dunce, he was dumb and he was stupid. These are people that beat Democrats every time they tried. They were the biggest idiots on the face of the earth.

Next up, Donald Trump. What a buffoon, what an absolute idiot, what a scumbag! And yet Donald Trump has thwarted every attempt they have made to get rid of him. They tried to rig an election. They tried to rig a special counsel investigation. They have tried to rig the Drive-By Media. There have been people on the left who have thrown their reputations to the wind. They have sunk to levels so low that when they look up, they see the gutter, and still Donald Trump thrives and survives. This big, glittering idiot, in their view.

But it’s typical. They don’t innovate, they do not create. They simply replay like this has gotta be Watergate and they gotta find the appropriate figures like Don McGahn is John Dean. Donald Trump is Richard Nixon. All they’ve got are their greatest hits in the past. They don’t have any greatest hits. Hillary Clinton, smartest woman in the world, was humiliated. Barack Obama at the Democrat convention telling Bill Clinton and the audience (imitating Obama), “Bill, you and I are gonna have to admit something. She is better than both of us. She is smarter than both of us. She may be the best person to ever run.”

Well, what happened? She got skunked, and she has been shown to be a cheater and a liar and an incompetent! And yet, in their world, she’s the smartest woman in the world. Meanwhile, people continue to outsmart them. And there’s a long list of people on our side that have outsmarted them, outlasted them, and survived every effort they’ve made to destroy us and others. And still they sit there in their arrogance and their condescension, and they tell themselves and everybody else how dumb and stupid not only Donald Trump is, but you!

Oh, yeah, you people in Georgia, you’re really dumb in Georgia. You people, you’re really dumb, you’re really dumb in Missouri, you’re really dumb in Alabama, and you are dumb in Mississippi. In fact, you even dumb in Virginia for letting Ralph Northam get away with it! That’s all they’ve got. Trump’s a scumbag, Trump’s dumb, Trump’s stupid.

I guarantee you, watch Chernobyl, and if you want to see Donald Trump in this show, go ahead, but you’re gonna have to be really creative. The problem that the creators and the writers of this show have is they’ve been too true to history. Donald Trump had nothing to do with Chernobyl. You have to invent Trump and put him in Chernobyl. The bad actors and characters and things that happened are all there. You don’t have to invent anything. It’s right there in front of you.

These people that wrote the show apparently don’t realize what they’ve done if they’re out there claiming that the smart viewers are seeing Donald Trump in this show? Do you remember, when did the Chernobyl nuclear reactor melt down? Does anybody remember? I’m gonna tell you. April 1986. Does anybody know where Donald Trump was? Donald Trump hiring prostitutes to pee on beds in Moscow or Chernobyl in 1986? What connection can there possibly be?

These guys are not making something that you’re supposed to link to. They’re presenting history in dramatic form in a program called Chernobyl, and somehow we’re supposed to see Donald Trump in this? And if we do, like Stephen King, why, we are really, really smart.

People ask me, “How do you know these people so well?” One reason is they don’t change, folks. And because they don’t change and because they’re alive and live in the past, they are easy as hell to predict. And they are easy as can be to analyze.

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