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RUSH: Well, it turns out that Mueller actually mentioned the golf club dispute in a footnote in the Mueller report, and it is the golf club that I played. It’s in Sterling, Virginia. It’s down near Dulles, not far from Dulles/Reston area.

In a footnote in the Mueller report, pages 80 and 81: “In October, 2011, Mueller wrote a letter to the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, resigning his family’s membership, explaining, ‘we live in the District and find that we are unable to make full use of the club,’ according to footnote 529 in the redacted report.

“In the same letter, Mueller asked ‘whether we would be entitled to a refund of a portion of our initial membership fee,’ which the report says was paid in 1994. The [Trump] club responded about two weeks later saying the resignation would be effective October 31, 2011, and that they would be ‘placed on a waitlist to be refunded on a first resigned / first refunded basis’…”

Now, Trump has claimed from the start that Mueller resigned his membership at Trump’s golf club in Sterling in October, 2011 due to a disagreement over fees. Trump said he believes Mueller still holds a grudge, and it’s 15 grand, apparently. Mueller wanted a $15,000 refund on his membership.

I can’t tell you, folks, the number of people that join golf clubs. You pay to join these damn things, and supposedly if you resign or if you’re a member long enough and you resign, you get some of your deposit, some of your initiation fee back. It never happens. I mean, it happens so rarely that people signing up for these deals ought to realize that they’re not gonna get the deposit back. It’s just a come-on. But, anyway, it’s actually in the Mueller report.


RUSH: I’m gonna remind you, this golf club business… At first blush, first glance, “Come on. It couldn’t be over $15,000 refund that wasn’t for a golf membership.” Let me remind you of something — and I’m not saying that it is. Mueller puts it in the report, obviously, as an item of full disclosure. But do you remember what Watergate ended up really being all about? The identity of Deep Throat.

Deep Throat, who was Woodward and Bernstein. Deep Throat was the mysterious cloaked figure that met them in parking garages and fed them whatever they needed to hear that would indict President Nixon, that would accuse President Nixon, that would do all of kinds of horrible things to President Nixon. This guy Mark Felt. When he assumed room temperature, it was revealed that he was Deep Throat. You know who Mark Felt was? Mark Felt was a guy ticked off at Nixon for not hiring him to replace Hoover to head up the FBI!

Mark Felt wanted to be FBI director when J. Edgar Hoover left the directorship. Felt was so ticked off that he became Deep Throat and dictated everything that Woodward and Bernstein claimed they got through their shoe-leather reporting. Some of it was bogus. Some of it was totally made up. Some of it was just… But Felt played these guys like Stradivariuses, and all he was, was a disgruntled, passed-over employee. So I’m not saying that because that’s true, Mueller has got his nose out of joint over a failed $15,000 refund attempt at a Trump golf club.

I’m just telling you that petty things like this can, in fact (because they have been), be prime movers in matters of great intrigue in Washington. Imagine a guy upset that he didn’t get the FBI gig from Nixon when Hoover quits, and decides to become Deep Throat and start throwing a bunch of bombs at Nixon via Woodward and Bernstein.

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