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RUSH: Here’s John in Springfield, Illinois.  John, great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  May I pay you a compliment?

RUSH:  Oh.  Sure.  Fire away.

CALLER:  Okay.  This is why we listen to you.  I mean, you listen to mainstream media, Drive-By Media; they’re all liars.  They’re all hypocrites.  Unfortunately, there’s some people that say that they’re for America that are also liars and hypocrites.  I mean, I remember 28 years ago, I thought I was listening to Pravda all the time, and finally on little WIVB radio in Belleville, there was suddenly Radio Free Europe.  You were on the radio, and you were telling the truth.

RUSH:  Well, I know what you’re saying, and I appreciate it.  You’re basically saying that no matter where you go in the media today, you’re getting the same angles.  You’re getting the same take, the same story, the same perspective, the same analysis, and they’re all saying the same thing, and it’s all of one particular mind-set.  There’s no ingenuity or creativity, and you tune in here, and you’re getting a totally different outlook on this —

CALLER:  That’s true.

RUSH: — which you happen to think is the right one.

CALLER:  Well, no.  We know better.  We know when we’re being told that we’re getting chicken salad and it’s not.  We know when they’re trying to sell us a sow’s ear as a silk purse.  We know better.  You know, most Americans know better.  We are so tired of hearing this.  Let me tell you: This is why people have listened to you for 28 years.

RUSH:  Thirty!

CALLER:  Thirty years.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  Sorry.  You were on WIVB until 28 years ago.

RUSH:  Right, and I remember those days, too, because there’s a story there, but I’m not gonna waste your time with it.  Look, I know the affiliate.  I know the station well.

CALLER:  And then you switched to the larger station, and they called and complained. People on the air would say, “Why is Rush on this station?” and everyone said, “Well, it’s because he gets better ratings because more people listen to him now,” and there’s enough Americans —

RUSH:  Well, that’s not exactly… (chuckles) This is ancient history, but this was a little station in Belleville, Illinois, which is pretty much across the river from St. Louis, and it was putting a lot of pressure on that big station you’re talking about.

CALLER:  Correct.

RUSH:  And the big station was operated by a guy who didn’t believe in syndicated radio.  It had to be local.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: But we kept growing and growing and encroaching and encroaching, and one thing led to another, and we moved. It was KMOX.  We moved over to KMOX from Belleville, Illinois, after certain things happened at KMOX. We’ve been there ever since.  It’s a great station. If you’re gonna be on the air in St. Louis, where you want to be on is KMOX.  There’s no other station you want to be on.

CALLER:  Correct.

RUSH:  It was true 28 years ago; it’s true today.

CALLER:  But, Rush —

RUSH:  KMOX defines St. Louis.

CALLER:  Correct.

RUSH:  And this program defines KMOX.

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  Ahem!  (laughing)

CALLER:  We’re busy listeners, and you —

RUSH:  Well, I appreciate it. No, in all candor, I appreciate what you’re saying.

CALLER:  You cut through things (audio drops) truth.  May I tell you why Trump is president?

RUSH:  Well, yeah.  I think I know, but go ahead. Yeah.

CALLER:  Well, this is your theory.  I don’t want to take credit.  It’s your theory.  Everything goes back to high school.  Everyone, you know, God love ’em. The previous presidents, you know, they wanted to be president so bad, and probably they weren’t gonna mess up America. So, okay.  Go ahead.  We’ll let ’em do it.  But things were so screwed up that we finally had to vote the idiots out of student council, and we regular high schoolers have now voted Trump in as president.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  We may not like everything he does, but he does what he tells us he’s going to do.

RUSH: The translation for this is, if you subscribe to it — and I’m not totally subscribing to it — but to explain what John here’s talking about, everybody got tired of the big popular cliques screwing things up. So it was time to elect somebody that would have never been allowed in the clique in the first place, and now he’s running rings around all of them, they can’t stand it.

In high school there were the people between class or in class that passed notes. And if you tried to get in on that, they would rip your note up and throw it away. You were not allowed to get in on that. You were not allowed to be in the clique unless somehow, it was by osmosis indicated to you, that you were a member.

And so Trump was never allowed to pass notes. Trump was the guy that was laughed at and made fun of and so forth. And everybody thought the clique were the cool kids and they knew what was going on and everybody wanted to be among the cool kids. And finally the cool kids have messed this country up to the point that it was time to elect a ne’er-do-well to get in there and fix it all. That’s his analogy.

I would not use the high school analogy as the sole explanation for Trump’s victory ’cause I don’t think everybody’s still stuck in high school, but high school is one of the most formative experiences in all of our lives. There are psychologists who believe that your life, your future can be made or broken by what you allow to happen to you, not by what happens, but by what you allow to happen to you in high school.

Why are you frowning at me? Well, I mean, you may not be a person affected by it. Some people forever have an inferiority complex because of what happened to them in high school. They never outgrow it, always end up thinking people are better than them, always end up thinking there’s something odd about them.

And by the other token, there are people who never amounted to a hill of beans who think they are the hottest things in the world who can’t do diddly-squat but still don’t know it and they’re insufferable to be around. I don’t know. Just a theory.

I’m sure that’s playing a part in John’s sharing of the theory itself. Anyway, I’m glad you called. I appreciate what you’re saying here about why you and others listen to the program. I get it fully.

Take a brief time-out and continue after this. Hang on, folks. Don’t go away.

(OUT 1:44.)

RUSH: Hi. Welcome back. El Rushbo with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair.

Let me try a different analogy to explain to you what Mueller gave the media and the Democrats today. You have heard of a mirage, right? A mirage is what the Democrat Party and the media have been chasing and have been believing in and have been hoping for.

Imagine yourself in the Sahara or any desert, you’re in a desert and you’re with five or six other people, and you have one canteen of water. One canteen of water and you are hopelessly lost. You have no way of knowing where is the nearest salvation. You’re just in the middle of the desert. You know north, south, east, and west because of the sun, but you don’t know where your survival is.

All you’ve got is that one canteen of water. And you’re rationing each of the members of the group one drop of water a day in order to survivor as long as you all can. You’re crawling, you’re sweating yourself crazy in the heat of the day, and you’re freezing at night, you gotta keep a sharp eye out for desert vermin, snakes and stuff. But you’re hopelessly lost.

All you’ve got is that canteen of water and the hope that you’re gonna get somewhere that gets you what you want. And that becomes your mirage. You see what isn’t there. You’ll see an oasis or you’ll see a lake or a giant pool of water or something. You get all excited and you race for it, but you’re so delirious that when you reach it, it’s just more desert. It’s just more sand. That’s all you’ve got.

And with each mirage and with each belief that you have been saved, you realize you saw something that wasn’t there. Well, that’s who the Democrats and the media have been. Ever since the Mueller report came out, they had everything wrapped up in it. The Mueller report was gonna finally deliver them their reason for living. Bye-bye Donald Trump.

Then their report comes out and they’re still stranded and wandering aimlessly in the desert with one drop of water per day from that canteen, hoping it will survive and last long enough for them to reach safety. And then one day as they’re crawling along in the sand in the desert, they’re at their wits’ end. They’re about to give up all hope. They’re about to think that all is lost. And they see a mirage. Giant pool of fresh, clear, blue water reflecting the blue of the sky.

But they don’t believe it because they’ve been so disappointed so many times, when they’ve reached each mirage, it hasn’t been there. But this one turns out to be real. Robert Mueller shows up in the desert with a giant hose and makes a giant lake of real water for them. He has provided them new hope, new speculation. He has provided them one more opportunity to reach out and grasp the saving of their lives, the realization of that which they most desperately want.

And because Robert Mueller made that mirage come to life, they’re gonna grow and get stronger. They’re gonna become optimistic. They’re gonna get reborn! They’re gonna be repurposed! They’re gonna get stronger because of Robert Mueller’s creation of a real pool of water.

And with that, an indication they’re getting closer and closer to being saved, because if they found water, if they have found hope, if they have found nutrition, then they’ve gotta be close. They’ve gotta be close to what they ultimately need.

So Robert Mueller is the mirage that keeps them crawling, that keeps them groveling, that keeps them desperately seeking a way to save themselves and to find everything they need to make their dreams come true. That’s what happened today. And you can see it, you can turn on CNN, you can even turn on Fox and listen to some of the commentary. We have a brand-new renewal in the belief that Donald Trump did it and therefore we’re gonna get him. They have been reborn today. They think they’re about to find their way out of the desert.

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