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RUSH: By the way, folks, something happened today at the Supreme Court that has not yet registered, but when it does, look out. All hell is gonna break loose on this. The Supreme Court today upheld part of an Indiana law that requires aborted infants to be cremated or buried after an abortion.

However, they side-stepped a larger ruling on abortion by deciding not to weigh in on whether a child can be aborted for their race, sex, or disability. That is coming, predicted by me I can’t tell you how long ago. If they ever discover a gene, for example, that can prove that a child is going to be homosexual, you wait and see the shift on pro-life that will accompany that. Well, they did not decide on whether a child can be aborted because it’s gonna be black or because it’s a male and you want a female or it has a potential to be disabled, but that’s coming.

Justice Thomas wrote a concurring opinion in which he addressed the pro-abortion movement’s well-known history with eugenics. Margaret Sanger — that’s what Planned Parenthood’s all about — eugenics, getting rid of the unwanted and the undesirable. That’s what it really is all about. And you take a look at who is actually being aborted and you’ll see that eugenics is alive and well.

And Thomas, in a concurring opinion with this Indiana case, said that the court’s decision not to rule on the statute leaves an open question on whether eugenic abortions are protected by the Constitution. Meaning, he’s acknowledging it’s coming. And this is something the left cannot afford for the truth to be known about.

The eugenics movement, Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood is all about eugenics. It’s not about family planning. It’s not about women’s rights, and it never has been. And a Supreme Court justice acknowledging that and that that is coming, it hasn’t registered yet. It has with some. A couple blurbs on CNN. But you just keep a sharp eye.

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