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RUSH: So I see that everybody’s upset — and I mean everybody, I mean people on both sides of the political dividing line — are upset that Trump is quoting the pot-bellied dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and claiming that Joe Biden is a low-IQ individual and that the Obama/Biden administration was a disaster. Trump is agreeing with Kim Jong-un.

Everybody: “I can’t believe Trump would do this! He would leave the country, he would go beyond the water’s edge and he would then insult a former president and vice president. I cannot believe it.” What do you mean, can’t believe it? You people have forgotten — by the way, greetings, and great to have you with us. Great to be back. 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program.

When was it? Was it the 2004 presidential campaign we got Clinton, we got Gore, we got who knows how many Democrats all over Europe running down George W. Bush and the Iraq war! And nobody was concerned about politics ends at the water’s edge or whatever it was.

And, for crying out loud, how many Democrats, how many members of the media have gone to Europe or anywhere and started ripping Trump? As though Trump is doing something here that’s unusual, that is unique, and that has never been done before. What Trump is doing is turning it around. Normally Republicans do not play tit-for-tat, this kind of thing. Republicans are sitting ducks. Republicans play nice. Republicans play by the accepted rules and the norms of American politics defined by the Democrat Party, the Washington establishment, and the media.

And so they can sit there and they can be tarred and feathered by former presidents. For crying out loud, Barack Hussein Obama was ripping Trump on foreign soil. I got the audio sound bite of that somewhere here in the roster. In 2015, Obama rips Trump and talk radio while in Africa. Go ahead and play that. I hadn’t intended to get to this yet, but I may as well since I’ve talked about it.

Audio sound bites 16 and 17. Obama and the Ethiopian prime minister held a joint press conference in Addis Ababa, and during the Q&A Obama said this about the Republican candidates for president.

OBAMA: The particular comments of Mr. Huckabee are, I think part of just a general pattern that we’ve seen that is, would be considered ridiculous if it weren’t so sad. I mean, we’ve had a sitting Senator call John Kerry Pontius Pilate. We’ve had a sitting Senator who also happens to be running for president suggest that I’m the leading state sponsor of terrorism.

RUSH: Right. He also went after Huckabee and Ted Cruz in the same day while on foreign soil. Again, the same press conference with the prime minister of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. Let’s see. I don’t know why we split these. He’s just continuing what he said.

OBAMA: When you look at what’s happened with Mr. Trump, when he’s made some of the remarks that, for example, challenged the heroism of Mr. McCain, the Republican Party is shocked and yet that arises out of a culture where those kinds of outrageous attacks have become far too commonplace and get circulated non-stop through the internet and talk radio.

RUSH: So there’s Obama in Ethiopia, in Africa ripping into the Republican presidential nominee. One of them became president. These guys are running around ripping Trump everywhere. Who knows if Kim Jong-un even knows who Joe Biden is. But Trump says that he said it, says he agrees. “I agree with Kim Jong-un’s statement that Joe Biden is a low IQ –” (laughing) Again, it’s people that don’t have a sense of humor.

Now, I’ll tell you where this comes from, in part. There is a columnist for TIME magazine, a guy named Ian Bremmer. And on Sunday this guy tweeted a quote from Trump about Kim Jong-un that went viral, and it wasn’t real. The guy made it up. And nobody seems to have a problem with this.

This is what this guy wrote, this TIME magazine reporter, Ian Bremmer on Twitter. “President Trump in Tokyo: ‘Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden,'” Bremmer tweeted.

That thing gets tweeted out, it goes viral, and gets repeated by people on Fox News and the AP, and it’s totally made up. Not a word of it is true. Trump did not say it. (interruption) Yeah, John Kerry in Iran. John Kerry has been in Iran trying to undermine the Trump administration and the redoing of the Iran deal ever since that happened. I’ll tell you where this comes from. I’ll tell you where it comes from.

It comes from the fact that Trump is out there telling the truth to African-Americans about Biden and the crime bill. You know Clinton’s, what was it, one million new cops, hundred thousand new cops, Midnight Basketball and all that, remember that? It was the Crime Bill, 1994. It resulted in increased imprisonment of African-American perps, which Trump has now just reversed with his prison reform bill that Jared Kushner pushed.

So Trump is out there telling anybody who might listen that voting for Joe Biden, that African-Americans, once they learn this, are not gonna do it because Biden supported and voted for the crime bill in 1994. Here’s Biden ushering in a dark period in American history with the ’94 Crime Bill that Democrats blame for mass incarcerations.

“Super Predator was the term associated with the 1994 Crime Bill that Sleepy Joe Biden was so heavily involved in passing,” the president tweeted. “That was a dark period in American History, but has Sleepy Joe apologized? No!”

That’s where all of this stems. Trump dares to tell the truth about these people. They react, and Trump reacts, and, by the way, if you look at the latest polling data on this, Gallup poll released today, 40% of Americans believe Trump has the right personality and leadership qualities that a president should have, which is a seven-point increase from two years ago at the beginning of his administration.

This is gonna drive ‘em nuts, because Gallup is an accepted polling unit, and Gallup says that more Americans are agreeing h that Trump has the right personality and leadership qualities. Eighty-one percent of Republicans believe it. Let’s see, 13% of Democrats, of course.

And there’s other polling data out there today, including three supposed experts at modeling future elections, turnouts and all that, computer models. And all three of these guys are commie-based left-wing types, and, in fact, one of them has 12 different models, and Trump wins them all, in terms of reelection. And that was a story in the New York Times over the weekend by Steve Rattner, former car czar for Obama and best friend, BFF, of Little Pinch, Schultzburger, whose kid now runs the New York Times.

So the Democrats are upset about a whole lot of things. They’re still upset over the Mueller report. They’re upset over that whole thing bombing out on ’em.


RUSH: It’s a good day for polling. We had the polling earlier that more and more people now are beginning to see Trump as presidential. Do you know how that’s gonna drive ’em nuts? They think Trump’s descending to depths that previously had been unplumed by a president. It’s getting worse. And now more and more Americans are seeing him as presidential. (laughing) You have to love that. And there’s all kinds of great news on public attitudes about the economy.


RUSH: It’s fascinating. It is a replay of the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. Here is Joe Biden, who is leading everybody in the polls. We don’t have any primaries yet so we don’t have any delegate allocations. We don’t really know anything. All we’ve got is anecdotal and visual evidence.

We got polling data that shows that Bite Me is dwarfing everybody. Crazy Bernie’s numbers are bottoming out. The bottom is falling out. We’ve also learned that Crazy Bernie’s voters are the least informed, according to an NBC News poll. Bernie Sanders voters are the least informed voters out there, and any Democrat voter who is voting for a candidate seen to be a socialist is in that group of low-information voters. It’s an NBC News poll, by the way. Well, it’s Monmouth that was endorsed and reported by NBC News.

So during the 2016 Democrat primaries, it was rigged. Hillary was pledged the superdelegates which was gonna put her over the top no matter how she did. And she had to win a certain number of primaries and it was all rigged. It really was. I mean, that’s what they don’t want anybody to know. And Bernie was in on it. He allowed it to happen. It was part of being the happy warrior and so forth.

But if you recall — hang on a minute here. If you recall during those primaries, it seemed like after every one of them, Bernie was winning, and yet Hillary is being awarded most of the delegates. So there’s a lot of head scratching going on. While that was happening, Crazy Bernie is drawing massive crowds — not quite as big as Trump’s, but they’re big, and they’re energized. And they’re loaded. They’re loaded for bear.

Hillary can’t draw flies to anything. She can’t draw flies to a book signing. She can’t draw more than two or three hundred people to a campaign event. So what did they do? They sat her down. Plus, it soon developed that she couldn’t stand up. She couldn’t go down steps, she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t get on a bus, she had some kind of problem. So basically they sat her down.

They knew she was the nominee, then after she became the nominee, they just sat her down. They had her doing very little campaigning. And you’d have to say it was a smart move. Why go out and do a bunch of events when there’s no crowd and nobody shows up, when there’s no excitement whatsoever? Contrary to what everybody else thought, I never believed that Hillary Clinton — I think she had a lot of loyal voters to the party, and there might have been some feminazis who were really loyal to the idea of the first female president, but Hillary personally, I think that’s a rather small group of people, when you consider the national audience needed to be elected president.

I’m not saying that she didn’t have rabid supporters. I just don’t think there were really all that many that were devoted her as opposed to devoted to other things. opposition to Republicans, devoted to the Democrat Party, devoted to the first female president, but personally. And it was evidenced by the fact that she didn’t draw flies. And even the Democrat convention, it took a lot of other things to put excitement into that, even if you can call what happened there excitement.

Well, now the same thing is happening to Bite Me. The same exact thing. He’s not drawing crowds. And they’re starting to get worried about it at the party level. So there’s a story even about this at The Daily Wire.

Joe Biden’s Campaign Strategy: Don’t Do A Lot Of Campaigning — Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to have a unique approach to winning the 2020 Democratic nomination: campaign as little as possible. According to a report in LMT Online, Biden’s campaign is now one of ‘limited exposure,’ and, unlike his competitors for the 2020 nomination, he’ll actually take most of Memorial Day weekend off, preferring to take time out of the spotlight rather than press the flesh and march in parades — the activities typically required of anyone running for public office on a national holiday.”

Well, look, folks, I have to tell you, just like it was smart to sit Hillary down — if you can’t draw a crowd, why invite pictures of campaign event failures? If you are prone to gaffes — and Bite Me is — can you imagine Bite Me out there trying to get even with Trump for this Kim Jong-un stuff? Can you imagine what might come out of his mouth? They can’t risk it! Why take chances?

Why would Biden stay in the public eye when questions about his efforts while vice president to help direct millions of dollars to his son from the ChiComs — I mean, you just don’t want to expose yourself to all of this. And it’s exactly what Hillary did. And what happened to her? And all this time they kept saying, “Well, crowd size doesn’t tell you anything in politics, Rush. You can’t extrapolate crowd size and votes. It just has never been that way in politics, Rush. You just can’t do it.”

Right. I think we could safely assume that Joe Biden cannot attract crowds anywhere near as large and excited as Crazy Bernie’s or Donald Trump’s. You know it was so bad, do you remember — you’ve forgotten — the DNC scheduled Democrat Party debates on Saturday nights. Do you remember that? Saturday nights when nobody is watching.

Now, they won’t be able to do that this time around ’cause there will be too many people on the stage. But at some point, if Biden gets the nomination, this is gonna be fascinating to see. I think there’s another aspect of this that nobody wants to talk about, and that is can the guy do it? He’s 77. Come on, I mean it wouldn’t be a knock on Biden if he doesn’t have the energy to do this kind of thing. There aren’t a lot of Trump — like I told you week, I think Trump looks like he’s getting younger. Well, if you don’t want to go that far, I don’t think Trump is aging in office. It just doesn’t look like it to me.

But instead of holding town hall events in gymnasiums — if you go do an event in a gym in a high school and you can’t even fill it up, why do it? Exactly right. So instead Bite Me is opting for high-dollar fundraisers in preparation for the big, big, big campaign to come. But while he’s sitting down, all the others are out there having free run at it like Mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren, Fauxcahontas. And of course Bernie just keeps plugging along there like the socialist Energizer bunny.

So we will see. I just find it fascinating how it is repeating itself. (interruption) What? Mayor Pete starting to get a little — see, that’s interesting. Mayor Pete is not starting to get — Mayor Pete has been a snarky little guy from the beginning. That was my whole point about Mayor Pete. He is snarky, and he’s nasty, but he masks it, but he is. He’s not starting to get that. He’s always been that. You just haven’t been paying attention as long as I have.

Snerdley just said to me, “That Mayor Pete, he’s starting to get a little nasty.” No. He’s been nasty from the get-go. That’s why I told everybody to keep a sharp eye on this guy because he isn’t how he comes off. Go back and look at what I said. He’s as radical as any of them. And he’s as angry as any of them. Even though he’s got the smile, he’s angry! All these people on the left are angry. They’re livid. There’s not a one of them who isn’t mad.

You know, I love this. Sunday they have a show on MSNBC called Kasie DC. Presidential hopeful Representative Seth Moulton, Democrat, Massachusetts, was on there, and he started ripping into Trump for not serving in the military. He called Trump a fundamentally weak commander-in-chief, adding, he would like to meet the American hero who went to the military in the president’s place.

Wasn’t that Bill Clinton? I jest of course. They want to get on Trump for some sort of draft dodging evasiveness, how about Bill Clinton? That was a resume enhancement for him, if you don’t remember. Clinton’s protesting the Vietnam War while over at Oxford or Cambridge, wherever he was.

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