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May 28, 2019


Trump Rips Time Magazine’s Ian Bremmer for Attributing Fake Quote to Him
FOXNews: Trump: ‘Sleepy Joe Biden’ Hasn’t ‘Apologized’ for Involvement in 1994 Crime Law
The Hill: More Americans Say Trump Has Presidential Qualities: Gallup
New York Times: Trump’s Formidable 2020 Tailwind
NBC: New Activist Campaign Puts Impeachment Pressure on House Democrats
UKDM: At Least One Dead and 35 Injured in Ohio After ‘Rapid-Fire’ Tornadoes Ripped Roofs From Homes and Left Five Million People Without Power
Business Insider: Sealed FBI Audio tapes Allege Martin Luther King Jr Had Affairs With 40 Women And Watched While A Friend Raped a Woman, a Report Claims
UK Times: Weak Men More Likely To Be Socialists, Study Claims
Daily Wire: NBC Polling Data Shows Sanders Voters Are ‘Low Information’ And Sanders Voters Aren’t Happy
CSM: ‘Chernobyl’ TV Miniseries: the Reviews from Ground Zero
Daily Caller: Poll: Most Americans Want Democrats To Stop Investigating Trump Over Russia
Sharyl Attkisson.com: Are “Obstruction” Allegations Actually Signs of Desperation?
DrRoySpencer.com: Half of 21st Century Warming Due to El Nino
FOXNews: Five Most Over-the-Top Climate Warnings
Mediaite: Liz Cheney Accuses Former FBI Officials of Plotting a Coup: Texts Between Lovers ‘Could Well be Treason’
Washington Times: Seth Moulton: Trump ‘Fundamentally Unpatriotic’ For Supporting Kim Jong-un’s Comments on Biden’s IQ
San Francisco Examiner: Even If California Spends Millions More On Homelessness, Here’s Why Few Will Notice
Daily Wire: Joe Biden’s Campaign Strategy: Don’t Do A Lot Of Campaigning
FOXNews: San Francisco Human Feces Map Shows Waste Blanketing the California City
Daily Wire: Pro-Life Victory: SCOTUS Reinstates Indiana’s Fetal Remains Disposal Law
Federalist: Justice Clarence Thomas Blasts Abortion As A Tool Of Racist Eugenicists


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