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RUSH: We had a climate change story with the tornadoes earlier today. And, as you know, I am a career-long advocate for not believing the political agenda of the left, including the political agenda of climate change. And that’s all it is. Climate change is actually a brilliant conception of the left because as an issue it contains practically every ingredient and form of manipulation and persuasion.

Climate change has guilt; it has redemption; it has blame; it has hope; all the things that appeals to people who want to matter, who want their lives to make a difference. And it starts by blaming them and their parents and then offers them redemption and features a bunch of unproved, bogus science. It features crisis, catastrophic, potential doom and gloom, the end of the world and the way to stop it. It’s got everything in it the left has perfected.

So I have for the longest time tried to come up with as many different ways to debunk it in a persuasive way. I’ve tried to go at it from the religious roots. I’ve tried to go at it scientifically, politically, common sense. And you never know what hits home and what doesn’t.

But I was talking with some people over the weekend about the sad state of San Francisco, what a great, great city it used to be and how now it’s a joke, what with forever out of control real estate prices and now the maps for tourists to avoid piles of human feces and so forth. And it really has become a talking point for a lot of people.

So I was thinking about that, and then you think back to the decrepit condition of Democrat-run cities like Detroit, the water problems in Flint. And I think, “Okay, here the Democrats are.”


RUSH: My only point was, the Democrats said they’re gonna save the planet from all this destruction and so forth. They can’t even keep cities clean. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, homelessness, rats, unsanitary, grotesque health hazards run by Democrats, and yet these are the people claiming they’re gonna save the planet, oceans and so forth.


RUSH: Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about when I say the left, the Democrats tell us that they are the stewards of the planet, they are the ones that are gonna clean it up, they’re the ones that are gonna save us from all the muck of CO2s.

By the way, I saw something funny in my tech blogs today. Some scientist, some physicist compared the attack on CO2, the demonization of carbon dioxide to the demonization of Jews by the Nazis. And the tech blog guys blew up, “How can you? This is insane. And this guy works for Trump, and this is nuts, and they’re gonna kill us all.”

And I got to thinking about it. They are demonizing carbon dioxide. We exhale it, and they claim that that’s destroying the planet. Fossil fuels and all this. They are demonizing it. You know what they’re closer to? I think they’re actually closer to the tobacco executives, the climate change people.

At any rate, another way of illustrating this business. Here you have — let’s look at Pelosi, San Francisco. They spend $8 million to fix homelessness, and it goes up, increases 17%. In San Francisco they ban straws to save the environment, to save the planet. And they give out drug needles and syringes. They give ’em away and they end up littering the streets. But you better damn well not use a plastic straw, you polluter.

Homeless and homeless addicts outnumber high school graduates. But these are the people that are gonna clean up the planet. They are goofy, they’re crazy, they’re nuts on the environment and human feces are littering the streets. This is what people like Nancy Pelosi bring to people when they have power. This is what happens in liberal-run cities where there’s no check on liberal governors, mayors, you name it.

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