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RUSH: Now this impeachment, just before the program started, ladies and gentlemen, I saw a little blurb go by on the bottom of the screen on the Fox News Channel. And I don’t remember exactly what it was, but I’m paraphrasing. A couple of Democrats or Democrat groups are continuing to add pressure on Pelosi to pull the trigger on impeaching Trump.

And one of the things I have been eager to point out, one of the reasons I wanted to get back here today is that the Drive-Bys and the Democrats, Pelosi, are trying to make it look like Trump is in charge of his own impeachment. That Trump is either trying to engineer it because it will solidify his base or he’s trying to thwart it. Pelosi really, really goes after Trump for being engaged in a cover-up. A cover-up of what?

It’s fascinating here to watch ignorance on parade. The media and the Democrats want everybody to believe that the impeachment of Donald Trump is something Trump can engineer, that Trump can promote or that Trump can thwart or that Trump can stop. And this is so strange. There isn’t anybody stopping the Democrats from impeaching Trump. There isn’t anybody who can.

Impeachment is the sole proviso of the House of Representatives. There isn’t anybody else that can do anything on impeachment except for the House of Representatives. Donald Trump has no control over impeachment whatsoever. Neither does the attorney general or anybody else the Democrats think are in on whatever sneaky trick Trump is trying to play here. Impeachment is the sole property, the sole universe of the House of Representatives, which is under Pelosi’s control.

Trump has nothing to do with what the House does. He has nothing to do with what Pelosi does. And so the Democrats trying to say that Trump is trying to obstruct an impeachment inquiry? It’s not possible! It simply isn’t possible! “Yes, Mr. Limbaugh, it is, because Trump is not participating in requested subpoenas for his administration to come up and spill the beans. Trump is impeding the inquiry.”

No, he’s not. Trump cannot stop them from impeaching him, and he can’t make them impeach him. He can go to them, he can try to manipulate them. He’s got no legal say-so, no constitutional say-so in the matter. If Donald Trump is not being impeached, it’s because Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to. It’s no more complicated than that.

If Donald Trump is gonna be impeached, it’s because Nancy Pelosi is gonna pull the trigger on it. It’s nothing to do with Trump. And yet the Drive-Bys and everybody are trying to make it look like Trump is trying to play some sneaky game. He wants to be impeached. Yeah, he wants to be impeached because that will really solidify his base.

His base is solid. “Yeah, Rush, but it would be even solider. It would be even more solid if Trump –” No. There’s a reason the Democrats are not impeaching. There is a reason why all they’re doing is talking about it. They’ve got to placate the far left wing inhabitants of the asylum known as the Democrat Party.

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