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RUSH: Do you remember California’s high-speed train, this multi-billion-dollar train wreck? It was going to link San Francisco and Los Angeles. Well, there were red flags even before President Obama and Jerry Brown agreed to do this. In 2010, a Berkeley study revealed that California used bad information to predict how many people would ride this train.

But they went down the tracks on it anyway, despite it having no sense.

Almost a decade later, California’s high-speed train is $50 billion over budget, nowhere near completion, and not even high speed. It’s worse than a boondoggle; it looks like a massive, high-speed fraud.

So, President Trump has pulled the plug on funding. He wants the state to refund the federal government the billions they’ve already wasted, which of course has the current governor, Gavin Newsom, spitting mad. He’s suing. He claims the money for the project is California’s money, and he wants it all. He says President Trump is only doing this because he’s mad at California’s immigration policy.

The thing about this that everybody gets wrong, it’s not California’s money and it’s not the United States government’s money. It’s our money and we’re sick and tired of it being used on projects like this that never end up passing muster and never accomplish what they’re supposed to accomplish. Build the wall, please, take the money and build the wall and actually do something that makes sense for the country.

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