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RUSH: I don’t know if you’ve heard this or not. (Southern accent) “Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia — who has admitted to posing in a yearbook for medical school in blackface, as in a minstrel show. He admitted it!

“He has been cleared of doing it by an investigative board at the school. Despite him admittin’ that he had done did it, the investigating board say he didn’t do it, and so case closed. Ralph Northam free now to kill babies after they born and did not appear in blackface in the yearbook.” See how Democrat investigations get closed out? This Ralph Northam investigation just took a couple of months, and — even though he admitted that he did it — the investigative body said, nope, he didn’t do it, and the investigation is over.


RUSH: Now, the medical school… I got a lot of emails during the break from people who didn’t believe the Ralph Northam story. The medical school where (Southern accent) “Governor Northam graduated did an inves’igation and cannot conclude if Northam was indeed the person in blackface in the photo, even though Northam said it was himself. So based on this investigation, the story is now over. Northam is free and clear to kill babies after they have done been born — and he also, at the same time, is not a flaming racist.”

See how the Democrats handle these things, circle the wagons, just like when Dan Rather got his comeuppance here. They gave him an award and saved the business.

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