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Guest Host Mark Steyn

May 22, 2019

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence

SteynOnline: Honey Traps and Money Traps – Mark Steyn
AP: Vocal Democrats pressing Pelosi as impeachment talk swells
The Hill: Pelosi faces tipping point on Trump impeachment
Washington Post: Democrats who stood with Clinton through impeachment urge caution in pursuit of Trump
House Intel postpones enforcement action after DOJ offer to share some Mueller files
New York Times: Nationwide Injunctions Speak to Judiciary’s Growing Power, Barr Says
ABC: House Democrats subpoena former Trump aide Hicks, pursue contempt against former White House counsel McGahn
CBS: Americans feel good about economy and give Trump credit – CBS News poll
ABC: North Korea is insulting Biden using Trump’s terms such as ‘low IQ’ individual
Washington Post: Warren’s ambitious agenda relies on a massive wealth tax that the rich may evade
Politico: Bernie’s new approach to raising cash: ‘Grass-roots fundraisers’
CBS: Kirsten Gillibrand proposes “Family Bill of Rights” to make raising children safer, more affordable
De Blasio says it’s totally ‘normal’ that everyone is laughing at him
The Hill: Republican wins special House election in Pennsylvania
New York Times: I.R.S. Memo Undercuts Mnuchin on Withholding Trump’s Tax Returns
Washington Post: Trump administration will hire Cuccinelli for senior DHS border role
CBS: Immigrants are avoiding food, medical benefits because of proposed Trump rule
UK Daily Mail: AOC says growing cauliflower is ‘colonial’ as she insists community gardens central to her Green New Deal should be used to grow ‘culturally significant’ plants like yucca
Daily Wire: Nevada Passes Bill To Give Electoral Votes To National Popular Vote Winner
NewsBusters: Trump Defends Free Speech, Liberal Media Condemn Him
Breitbart: CBS News Encourages Physical Assault Against Conservatives on Eve of E.U. Elections

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