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RUSH: Check this Los Angeles Times headline: “In a Rebuke to President Trump, Governor Newsom Pardons Refugees Facing Deportation.”

One of these refugees, Hay Hoy of Oakland, was convicted in 2001 of solicitation to commit murder, being part of a criminal gang. Another guy, San Francisco resident Kang Hen, was convicted of grand theft when he was 18. Both were being processed by ICE for deportation back to Cambodia.

So Governor Newsom comes in,  makes a big show of granting pardons to these two felons. He complained that the time we’re living in is defined by “xenophobia and nativism.” He said that it’s all very familiar to students of history.

Governor Newsom. What’s “familiar” is the twisted way you view our laws. You see the law, especially the Constitution, as the enemy. Instead of upholding it, and the law, you seem committed to destroying it.

By granting your politically motivated pardons to these two felons, you’re not “rebuking President Trump.” You’re really rebuking the citizens of your state. You’re making a mockery of the law!

All for what? The fact that you hate Trump? The fact that you hate the people who voted for him? You want felons roaming the streets in California to make what kind of point, sir?

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