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RUSH: Okay. I’ll play devil’s advocate. I keep hearing from people in the email, “I’m not buying it, Rush. I’m not buying it. I’m not buying this resume business. We’re being set up.” I can’t tell you the number of emails I am getting. They’re not spam. You know, they’re not seminar emails. There are people who are telling me, “You better be very careful. They have appointed this guy who’s Mr. Impeccable so when he comes back and says, ‘There was nothing that went wrong here, that everything was aboveboard,’ nobody can question it, Rush.

“So you better just wait. We’re talking…” I’m not predicting anything here. All I am doing is telling you that I think there are some people in Washington to whom this whole thing is way above and beyond what is tolerable. And they’re not gonna put up with it. I think Barr’s one of these. I think his acknowledgment, under oath, that he thinks the Trump campaign was spied on… There are people that know what went on here.

The question is always gonna come down is: Will they actually want to follow through and do anything about it or (as time passes and passions slip away, passions evaporate) will the temptation be just to kind of let it fade away. Let the fact that there was never any collusion, let the fact there was a totally politicized, weaponized political operation… Just let it all fade away. The path of least resistance is to just do nothing. It’s always a danger.

You know, in professional sports… Let’s just use baseball, for example. There isn’t a person alive out there, I think, who will confirm this. But I used to work for a professional baseball team. I got to know some umpires. I was a fan when I first started like everybody would be. So I asked these guys. I’d talk to ’em before the game, and I’d ask ’em about the job, about the game, history of the game, controversial calls.

In discussing bang-bang plays like at first base on the tail end of a double play or a close play at the plate, there’s a philosophy. It’s not just in baseball. It’s not just professional sports. But the philosophy is that calling somebody out on a bang-bang play instead of calling them safe has the least impact on the end result. It’s not that it’s a conscious thing that umpires or referees and other sports think of when bang-bang plays happen.

It’s just that when there’s no way of knowing for sure, even with replay… Of course, replay takes the doubt out of a lot. But it also confuses much. But there just… The least effective, the least impact is to go ahead and say the guy was out or that the touchdown was no good or that the pass was incomplete or whatever. It’s much less disruptive than to say the guy was safe. If you don’t know. If it’s a bang-bang play. Well, here in Washington politics, it could be the same.

We have what has happened here. We know it’s an outrage. We know it is one of the greatest political scandals ever in the history of the country, but now it’s over. Although it isn’t. And there might be some people who say, “You know, let it lie. It’s over with. We got the report. Trump’s innocent. Trump didn’t do anything. If we proceed on this and if we start investigating these people and some of them go to jail, it’s gonna have such a bad impact on the country and such a negative impact on the perception of justice.”

I think it’d be just the opposite. But I do know that that philosophy exists, to let it go. It’s all part of the defining deviance down. It’s just easier. It’s just easier to call what used to be criminal “normal” than to go after the bad guys. We define deviancy down throughout the country. Homelessness is tolerated. People pooping on the streets of San Francisco is now tolerated. It’s just easier than doing something about it — and I’m not saying that’s right.

I’m saying it’s tantamount to the degree of laziness that has overtaken much of public enforcement of public morals and law. “It’s just easier just to not hassle. It’s just so much hassle to try to enforce this stuff. You know, let’s just up the budget and clean the poor up every day instead of fighting it, ’cause we’re never gonna stop it.” It’s the same thing here, and I hope that does not overtake this. I hope the rage that got this investigation started maintains itself as they learn more details as they go.

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