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RUSH: Have you heard of that website Watts Up With That? It’s a website you go to when you ask somebody anything, and it has answers for oddball, screwy things, surveys and so forth. Back on May 6th, a week ago, here’s the headline. “Empirical Study: Indoctrinated U.S. Climate Activist Kids can Be Used to Influence their Conservative Parents.” Are you not…? Did you see this? This is a group of people that attempted to get a bunch of kids of conservative parents and propagandize them with a bunch of climate change data and then told them to go try to, essentially, convince their parents of it.

And they found out that it worked, that it was successful. Now, I’m giving you the bare bones of this. “According to the abstract this propaganda technique, indoctrinating children with educational material deliberately designed to help them influence parents, is particularly effective on conservative men when the influencer is their daughter.” Do you remember the number of times I’ve told you conservative friends of mine who we’ve lost after their kids have gone away to college and they come home?

Well, here is the empirical proof of it.

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