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RUSH: Philadelphia. This is Westin. It’s great to have you. Hi?

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very good, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: A quick side note before I get to my main point. This is a golden opportunity for Trump here. He should… You know, about the moaning about this $200 billion tax increase, essentially, that they’re saying. You know, he should talk about his tax policy, and his regulation policy that has increased wages for Americans, reduced the cost of energy, all these things that have helped put a few more dollars in American pockets so they can maybe afford the extra cost of these tariffs. And then he should maybe even think about going a little further and say, “Okay, okay. I hear you. I hear you.

“Why don’t we have another round of tax cuts to offset this supposed increasing costs?” Then, of course, you’d watch them all clam up. But, you know, the left trade policy just goes along with everything else, their taxation, their regulation. It makes it more difficult for American companies to compete, it drives the cost up for Americans. You know, everything that they do is about hurting Americans, and it’s because their real goal is to shrink the middle class, specifically the white middle class. I mean, you look at things like how we drove the steel industry out of this country, practically.

RUSH: Well, now, let me pause you right there, because I’m going to assume correctly so because I know people that when you say that the Democrats’ purpose is to shrinking the middle class, there are a lot of people out there, Westin, that think that you’re a kook. “Oh, come on! Nobody wants to shrink the middle class. That’s a bunch of conspiracy kookism,” and, folks, it isn’t. It isn’t, and the Joe Biden campaign is where we’re gonna be able to find the evidence.

Guess who wants the white working class voter back? Video. Why does Joe Biden want ’em back? Because the Obama administration that he was a part of cast them aside in November 2011 in favor of a coalition of as many minority groups as there were and as they could invent. They cast aside white working-class voters, blue-collar and white-collar on the basis that the demographics of the country were changing and that the white majority was gonna become the white minority at some point — and that’s the middle class. They were essentially saying, “Get rid of the middle class. We want to replace the middle class with a welfare state.” There’s no question. Westin is right about this.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, I mean, all you have to do is look at the census numbers. The middle class has been shrinking because of the policies of the left, that the Republicans unfortunately went along with.

RUSH: Well, but we’ve also wanted the middle class to shrink by virtue of people being upwardly mobile out of it.

CALLER: Oh, absolutely, and of course, you know, the upwardly mobile tend to vote conservative because they’re earning their own money, they’re —

RUSH: Well, there’s some exceptions to that, too, like Wall Street, hedge funders. Those clowns are traditionally all left-wing Democrats, and that is another interesting situation. You know, the uber-wealthy in this country in terms of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, hedge funds, they all — they all — are loyalist Democrats. But they are not socialists. They are crony capitalists in a way. They love to use their connections with government to have government power corrupting their competitors.

They love getting in bed with sympathetic Democrat presidents. That’s what the cronyism (call it crony socialism or crony capitalism) is all about. When Republicans are in office, these guys don’t try to cozy up. They try to get them out of office and put Democrats back in. But they are not socialist. They do not want a socialist country. They need a capitalist country producing income for people who have consumer spending power so they’ve got money to invest, money to buy tech products, money to buy movie tickets, all the things that these elitists do.

And this is another one of the great divides in the Democrat Party. As the Democrat Party youth brigade moves this party toward socialism, they’re causing problems for these moneyed elites that bank role Democrat Party. Biden’s caught in the middle of this now trying to put together this old coalition but people like Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete and others are running around savaging it. So you’re on to several things here, Westin.

CALLER: Rush, one last thing. Remember, it’s the middle class that votes for Trump, and that is one of the big reasons why you have the Hollywood elites and the Wall Street elites who want to see this shrinking of the middle class. “This is the rabble, this is the great unwashed, and we can’t have these people electing the political leaders like Trump.” They’re looking for that permanent seat of power that you always talk about, and by shrinking the middle class, they get ever closer to it.

RUSH: Yeah, well, the reason for this is that the shrinkage of the middle class, when it happens with Democrats in power, is happening because of the rise of the welfare state, and that means, “Hello, illegal immigrants! Hello, asylum seekers! What wall? We don’t want a border now. We wanted a wall back when we were in power. We don’t want a wall now.” Biden’s on tape, by the way. They found a tape of Biden at a small, little fundraiser where he was advocating a 40-story fence because of the methamphetamine and the drugs that were coming in across the southern border.

A 40 story fence. Joe Bite Me, Plugs, was in favor of it. Well, what about now? Well, no way, because they’re trying to expand this massive welfare state. That’s gonna give them perpetual power, and that will result in the shrinkage of the middle class. If you import a bunch of people that will work cheap and you import enough of them, they’ll end up taking jobs that now provide middle class lifestyles and so forth, and there you have your expanding welfare state.


RUSH: Kathryn, Lafayette, California. Great to have you with us. I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you so much. Big time fan, longtime listener.

RUSH: Thank you so much. I appreciate you being there.

CALLER: (giggles) Hey, I think President Trump has been listening to you again. I heard that over the weekend he referred to Joe Biden as Sleepy, Creepy Joe. So he added the word “Creepy” so his Sleepy Joe moniker, and I think that’s something that you had suggested on your program a few weeks back.

RUSH: I’m not sure. I think… Did I do that or…?

CALLER: I heard you say —

RUSH: (interruption) Okay. Okay. Well, staff is confirming what you say. I —

CALLER: Yeah, you said, “How about Creepy Joe,” and I laughed out loud when I heard that, and I thought, “Wow, makes sense.”

RUSH: You’re very kind. I appreciate your… Of course, you’re right. (whispering) We don’t talk about it too loudly, but, yeah, you’re right. I’m glad you called, okay? Thank you ever so much. I wish I had more time today. But…


RUSH: You know, the bottom dropped out of the Beto O’Rourke campaign, so he says he’s gonna come back and do Beto 2.0. This will actually be Beto 3.0. You notice how many second and third chances Democrats get with the media? Beto, it’s over! (chuckles) It’s finished, Beto.

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