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RUSH: Do you realize it may well be the Democrat primary race is over? In New Hampshire, Joe Biden is blowing out Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders was up 30 points nationally, he was up 25 or 30 points in New Hampshire, the last poll, and Biden has just launched over Bernie Sanders.

This may not be bad, by the way. Don’t misunderstand. When I say “us,” meaning the Trumpster, may not be a bad thing. A bunch of mad Bernie voters might end up voting for Trump before the end of the day, but nevertheless — and Trump’s even tweeting: “It looks like it’s gonna be SleepyJoe over Crazy Bernie.”

Now, who would have thought, you got 18, whatever it is, number of Democrats running and all those women and all these new, fresh socialist leftists, and here comes the old brontosaurus from Jurassic Park, Plugs Biden, wiping out the field. He’s not just 30 points ahead of Crazy Bernie, he’s 50 points ahead of the rest of them, which we’ll break this down as the program unfolds. This tells us so much about the Democrat Party.

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