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RUSH: I was shouting during the press conference, “Tell ’em why, tell everybody why!” Because this is fundamental. It’s not enough just to say that everybody’s picking our pockets and that everybody’s depending on us. Why have we allowed this to happen? Contrary to what the president says, our leaders in the past have not been dumb and stupid in this area. They have been compliant.

They have been compliant. They have been in agreement with the idea that as a superpower, we already have an unfair advantage and so it’s okay if some nations take advantage of us because that’s how it ought to be. We ought not be able to dominate and rule everything. And this is where Trump was able to make inroads with the whole idea of Make America Great Again.

The acknowledgment that we’re the big kid on the block, the acknowledgment that we are the world’s superpower led because of political correctness and guilt and any number of other things that liberalism permeates, led to the belief that, “Okay. We deserve to be paying more in NATO. It’s okay if we have a $500 billion trade deficit with the Chinese ’cause it’s what it takes to have peace with the Chinese.”

We don’t want to make anybody mad at us is the fundamental building block of foreign policy that we’ve always had. We don’t want to make anybody mad. After 911, what’d the State Department do? The State Department had a symposium on why do they hate us so much, why did they do to us what they did on 9/11? What is it about us that made them do this? As though it’s all our fault.

And the conclusion is, well, we’re a superpower. It’s only natural they’d be afraid of us. It’s only natural they would resent us. And so we’ve got to demonstrate that they don’t have to resent us and that they don’t have to be afraid of us and so we’ll take it on the chin in trade deals and we’ll take it on the chin with NATO. This is the belief system.

I don’t care, Republican or Democrat, that was the operating belief system in the post-World War II order that was created and maintained by the State Department, which is its own little fiefdom. And Trump comes in and doesn’t believe any of this. He doesn’t believe we owe anybody anything other than what we owe them, but we don’t owe them to give away our self-interest just because we’re the lone superpower in the world. That doesn’t mean we owe anybody anything. It doesn’t mean they can pick our pockets. It doesn’t mean that they can structure trade deals with us at a disadvantage and we do it knowingly. It doesn’t mean that at all.

So Trump is coming in and trying to redefine all of this and to say to the world: We’re the United States of America, and we’re not guilty, we don’t feel guilty. We’re not ashamed. We’re the United States of America, and we know we’re protecting you. We’re the United States of America. We know that we’re the world’s largest economy, we are the economy that propels the world. We know this. And, as such, going forward, American policy is going to be that which benefits the United States of America first, because in the process, everybody else is gonna benefit as well. Because we’re the good guys.

We’re not stealing other people’s resources. We’re not selling short. We’re not short-changing. We’re not stealing. We’re not doing any of this. When our economy grows, when our sphere of influence grows, the rest of the free world benefits as well, and we no longer are gonna apologize for it, and we no longer are going to act like we have to give things away in order to keep the peace. And we’re not gotten act anymore like we’re afraid to stand up for ourselves ’cause it’ll make people mad.

Well, this little set of beliefs, these philosophies have roiled the Washington establishment. They cannot abide this. They hate this. They want a United States which walks around feeling a bit of guilt over our superpower economic status. They want a world order where the United States becomes the provider rather than the generator. It’s a big difference when you treat nations of the world like they’re a welfare recipient instead of generating enough wealth and economic activity where other nations can join the party and benefit from it. And that is the Trump philosophy.

We’re not gonna treat the rest of the world as a bunch of welfare states that we have to purchase and buy in order to maintain an allied relationship with them. But this is what has established. And Trump knows human nature. The more we paid for, say, the defense of member nations of NATO, the more they began to disrespect us, the more they began to laugh at us, the more they began to take advantage of it. And because they were not having to pay for their defense, look what they were able to do.

They were able to screw up their cultures with massive liberalism, directing things like new immigration policy and cultural upheaval because they were able to create these massive welfare states where politicians in these countries could buy their power. In the process, they set themselves up for a massive invasion by illegal immigrants from around the world, migrants and so forth, all because they didn’t have to contribute to their own defense. They knew if anything untoward happened we’d come riding in as the cavalry.

Trump said those days are over. This has been the world order since World War II, folks, since the late 1940s. And I’m gonna tell you, Trump is upsetting this applecart like he’s upsetting every other applecart that he’s decided to push. And they are beside themselves. Because they see Trump as obliterating and turning upside down this world order that they all and their descendants, their forebears, established long ago that has been established given United States policy no matter which party’s been in the White House.

It didn’t matter if it was George W. Bush or it was Bill Clinton, the trade deficit with China was monstrous. It didn’t matter if it was George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama, NATO was bought and paid for by us. And whether it was Republican or Democrat, they all went along with it. This was the world order. This was the role the United States was to play. This is what gave us our good vibes, our good feelings. We were good people.

Trump’s looking at this and says it makes no sense, dollars-and-cents-wise, it makes no economic sense whatsoever, and it’s weakening us, and there’s nothing about this that contributes to American greatness. So he’s blowing all this up. And rewriting trade deals and rewriting participatory deals such as NATO and so forth.


RUSH: Last night at the rally in the Florida Panhandle Trump brought up all these supposed war leaders who called Joe Biden and begged him to run for president. Biden’s out there saying all these world leaders are calling me. John Kerry said the same thing. Kerry said they’re all urging me to run, back in 2004. I guess this is part of the Democrat Party playbook to say leaders around the world are calling me, begging me to run against this horrible Republican 2004, George W. Bush.

Right now it’s Donald Trump. Anyway, Trump laughed and said — and I’m paraphrasing this – “Of course they want Biden to be president. Of course they want Biden back. ‘Cause they know Biden is gonna go back to letting all these countries walk all over us like they’ve been doing for the last 50 years.” And he’s exactly right about it.

You’ve all heard about, quote, the New World Order. Well, broom that from your conspiratorial minds. There is a world order. There is an order that was set up after World War II. McCain referred it during the 2016 primary when Trump’s out there running. McCain was saying: why would we want to elect anybody that’s gonna destroy this order that we set up, that we are running after World War II? It was a great thing.

Well, this order, this world order had us apologizing for being a superpower and had us knowingly getting the short end of deals ’cause it was thought it was the only way to be fair. Since we’re the richest nation in the world just like there can never be an American leader at the United Nations. The general secretary at the United Nations can never be an American. Why?

Well, America’s already too dominant. America’s already too powerful, grossly unfair, grossly unfair, if the general secretary of the United Nations was an American. Why do you think the general secretary of the United Nations is always a minority, person of color from some Podunk country you’ve never heard it? That’s us.

That’s us trying to demonstrate how fair and how understanding we are of the plight of the have-nots around the world. The point is the world order that Trump is rearranging had the United States willingly playing a less than honest and powerful role in the world, all to show we didn’t mean anybody any harm. It was a crock.


RUSH: Joe Bite Me, vice president for Obama, is out in California. He’s on a fundraising tour. He’s promising all of his big time left-wing Hollywood buddies out there that he’s gonna undo everything Trump did. And it’s exactly what I have spent the previous half hour talking to you about, in large part, reestablishing the world order, United States’ position in it. Meaning he’s gonna unravel this Make America Great Again stuff. We’re not gonna have that.

Biden also said that this Democrat field is gonna be winnowed down real soon. The vast majority of these people are gonna be getting outta here ’cause they know they don’t have a chance, and it’s gonna winnow down real, real soon.

Did you see, by the way, shortly before the program began today, the ATF uncovered this massive cache of — I’ll use the term — assault weapons, big cache, I mean, massive. It looked like hundreds and hundreds. Over a thousand guns. There are some handguns in there, but what I saw was all AKs and rifles and so forth. And you know where they found this?

They found this in a home in Holmby Hills. Now, Holmby Hills, that is where Michael Jackson’s home that he rented where he died, that’s where this is. Michael Jackson was renting a home in Holmby Hills, he’s taking the propofol in there to sleep. Remember, he OD’d on the propofol, they had to take him to the hospital. He’s dead.

Holmby Hills is right near Bel-Air. Bel-Air is where Lori Laughlin lives, of the college entrance exam scandal. Bel-Air is hoity-toity. The point is — and you know the left-wing people, they’re full of left-wing, obscenely wealthy people. What is somebody in the utopian state of California doing with a cache of weapons like this?

Now, they’ve not identified — at least I didn’t see the name of the owner of the home in which all these weapons were discovered, and I didn’t see how they were discovered, but I saw the weapons were laid out in the driveway, you know, ATF vehicles and SUVs and so forth there. And it was a massive cache.

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