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RUSH: New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman says he knows how to beat Trump in 2020. It has to be a political defeat, he says, not impeachment. Impeachment would say that we’ve lost our minds and we can’t have anybody knowing the Democrats have already done that, can we?

No, Friedman admits that defeating Trump is gonna be hard, because Trump “can bend people” to his will like magicians bend spoons. Friedman’s “solution” is a Republican Never Trumper on the ballot in all 50 states who runs against Trump from the political right. And that is Friedman’s mistake, but I’m not going to explain that.

This Never Trump hero that Friedman envisions would siphon off enough Republican votes so Trump loses Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Florida. Friedman says America needs a Republican willing to do to Trump what Ralph Nader did to Al Gore in 2000.

Friedman, I hope you enjoy this little liberal fantasy like all the rest of your liberal fantasies. But before you take this any further, look what happened to Never Trump Republicans in Congress, particularly the Senate. Just like you, they thought Trump could be challenged from the right. They’re gone. He’s still president, which he will still be if you try this dumb plan in 2020.

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