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RUSH: A woman named Claire Bond Potter, a professor at the left-wing New School in New York City, complains that men invented this thing called “likability,” and that men are the ones who benefit from it.

In a New York Times op-ed, Professor Potter says “likability” emerged after the Civil War. (Before then, everyone was hateful.) Middle-class men thought their business success came from projecting virtue and character. Being likable. By the 20th Century, likability became a staple of the “Mad Men” advertising gurus of Madison Avenue; then, it supposedly moved into politics.

Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump because she suffered from not being “likable.” Now six women are running for President, including Amy, Pocahontas, Kamala, and Kirsten. But they aren’t well liked, either. Men are getting all the good press, sucking up all the oxygen in the room, and the money. As usual.

According to Professor Potter, women politicians are unfairly burdened with the likability challenge, even though it is “nebulous, arbitrary, and meaningless.” It’s just not fair!

Ms. Potter, the 20-odd Democrats running are all trying to “out-liberal” each other, male and female. There’s nothing likable about liberalism. Leftists aren’t likable — and you can take that to the bank.

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