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May 7, 2019


CNBC: Nancy Pelosi: Trump is ‘Goading’ Democrats to Impeach Him to Solidify His Base
Washington Post: Trump Is Trolling Us Again. Stop Falling For It – Karen Tumulty
ABC: White House Instructs Former Counsel Don McGahn Not to Comply with Congressional Subpoena
ScottRasmussen: Shock Poll: 57% of Dems Believe Trump Guilty of Treason
The Hill: James Comey Is In Trouble and He Knows It
The Hill: Biden Takes 32-Point Lead Over Sanders in New 2020 Poll
Breitbart: Pete Buttigieg in South Carolina: America ‘Was Never as Great as Advertised’
New York Post: Ocasio-Cortez Blown Away by First Experience with a Garbage Disposal
FOXNews: Trump presents ‘true legend’ Tiger Woods with Presidential Medal of Freedom
Daily Caller: Peter Strzok Suspected CIA Was Behind Inaccurate Media Leaks
NewsBusters: CBS, NBC Whine About Trump Giving Tiger Woods Presidential Award
Washington Examiner: No Question There Was Spying On Trump Campaign, But How Much? – Byron York
FOXNews: Tiger Woods Receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom Clouded by Fresh Round of Criticism
Baltimore Sun: Plenty of Athletes are Refusing to Stand With Trump – Not Tiger Woods
Washington Examiner: Biden: Republicans Are Bringing Back Jim Crow
Breitbart: Kamala Harris: Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum Would Be Governors if Not for Voter Suppression
RealClearPolitics: McConnell Declares “Case Closed” On Mueller Probe: Democrats Are In Denial
RT: The Future of Venezuela & Why Suicides Peak in the Spring
CBS: Mnuchin Rejects Democrats’ Demand for Trump’s Tax Returns, Citing DOJ Advice
Washington Examiner: Pete Buttigieg Lies About Illegal Immigrants and Welfare
NewsBusters: MSNBC Reporter Compares Climate Change to Alien Invasion


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