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RUSH: If you are pro-America, the latest Rasmussen poll is great news because for the first time in 12 years, the majority of people say that the country’s best days are ahead of us. People haven’t felt this optimistic since November 2006. Only 28 percent say that our best days are behind us, and that’s a record low.

Now, contrast that to the days of Obama when we were told that America’s Number-One status was in the past; jobs were not coming back, high unemployment, stagnant wages were the “new normal.”

And Obama told us that America was now a nation in decline, deservedly so, and that his mission was to manage that decline. No politician with a “magic wand” could fix it, he said, because American prosperity was over.

Too many Americans bought that. They stopped believing in themselves, they stopped believing in the country, they stopped believing in their future.

And then all of a sudden Donald Trump comes along and guess what? Jobs are back in record numbers across all demographics. The economy is soaring. The American engine is revved up, and taking the world by storm.

We’re once again the envy of the world, which is great news for everybody, except Democrats. You see, they don’t want the Trump economy to succeed, because it ruins their narrative and their campaign for 2020. America succeeding, bad news for the Democrat Party.

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