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RUSH: There’s also a great, great piece today by Victor Davis Hanson which is much too long for me on to share with you in its entirety, but it has a fascinating pull paragraph that I’m gonna share with you, and it’s about Comey and his, shall we say, “exposure” here and Mr. Hanson’s opinion that the boom needs to be lowered on Comey.

I was talking to some people over the weekend. You know, last Friday we shared with you a couple of sound bites from Glenn Greenwald, who is a prototypical left-wing journalist. He’s the guy who befriended Edward Snowden and became his “journalist sponsor,” so to speak, after Snowden was discovered to have leaked NSA documents and so forth. But Greenwald is very critical of today’s Washington press corps predominantly, but the American Drive-By Media in its entirety.

The primary reason why is he is from the school of journalism (which they’re all from, by the way) which holds that the purpose of journalism is to hold the powerful accountable and to make them uncomfortable, to probe them, to investigate them, to destroy them when necessary. Greenwald has been watching all of this (the FBI-DOJ, Obama administration intel apparatus attempt to overthrow the 2016 election), and he literally is stunned and thinks journalism is destroying itself because he’s…

I’m paraphrasing now. He cannot believe — and this really is profound. When you stop and think about this for a second, it is profound. He cannot believe that not a single journalist in the Washington political-journalist complex attempted to get this story right, that every one of them became complicit in it, that every one of them actually took sides and joined the powerful in an effort to use that power (by unelected people) to overthrow a duly constituted presidential election.

When you think of it that way — despite what we think of Drive-By Media, despite how corrupt it is, and despite the fact that we know that they’re all uber-leftists and Democrats and that they are not objective or fair or unbiased. We know all that. Still, it is stunning that there wasn’t one of them that attempted to ferret out what was happening here and to expose it and blow it up. Not one. There was a huge career waiting to be made here. But they all opted, I guess, for Woodward-Bernstein. They all opted for complicity.

They all opted to become part of the apparatus that was arrayed and deployed for the purposes of taking Donald Trump out of office. Now, to you and I who deal with this stuff every day and think about it, that makes total sense, ’cause that’s what they did. And we’re not into what-ifs because “if” is for children. But it still is amazing to me. I have to agree with Greenwald that there’s not one of them that was even curious enough to know whether or not what was going on here was a scam and that they were being played, that they were being used.

But I think in the journalist mind-set, they don’t think of themselves as being used. You know how they see themselves? They see themselves as equals in the elites of the Washington establishment. They see themselves as equal to Robert Mueller. They see themselves as equal to Comey or McCabe or any of the other “players,” quote, unquote. They see themselves as equals to Brennan and Clapper. In that sense, they’re all on the same team. They’re all oriented for the same thing.

So they’re more than happy to be used to spread a bunch of caca. They’re more than happy to be on the team. They’re more than happen to be able to go have adult beverages with the people running the scam. They’re more than happy to be part of it. They are more than happy to use their power. It was all telegraphed by Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times after Trump won. He writes this piece saying (paraphrased), “Well, the old rules of journalism are now out the window.

“It’s clear that we in journalism have got a new challenge, a new charge now. It’s not simply objective reporting but is actually designed to oppose and thwart this president at every turn because he had no reason being elected. He doesn’t deserve it, had no right,” whatever they said. But even at that, to realize not one of them at the New York Times, at the Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press… Take your pick of any mainstream Drive-By Media operation.

There wasn’t one person anywhere who thought to do something to investigate, to look into what was really happening here. To accept without question that everything their sources were telling them were true, to accept without question that Trump had colluded with Russia, to accept without investigation, without question all of the things that they accepted and then reported on. And every story, nevertheless (which we uncovered), had in the 13th paragraph — and it might have been 14 in one story, 15 or 12 in another.

But the 13th paragraph in every published story acknowledged that there was no evidence supporting any of the claims in the story. So they knew. They knew. So what I think we actually have here is a class situation where members of journalism have finally, thoroughly abandoned this entire training and philosophy on their purpose, and that’s to hold the powerful accountable. The only people that are gonna be held accountable are conservatives and Republicans regardless how much power they have or are perceived to have.

But even at that, just the competitive nature of things! Not one person sought to get the truth of this story, sought to question it. Maybe they did and their editors told them to go pound sand; I don’t know. But stop and think of the career opportunity that was missed here by everybody. Now to the point they’re so embedded in this, they’ve got to continue with the lie. They’ve gotta continue with the hoax.

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