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RUSH: The president promised to bring back manufacturing jobs. The headline from the Wall Street Journal: “U.S. Steel to Invest $1.2 Billion at Pennsylvania Mills — United States Steel Corp. outlined plans Thursday for the biggest upgrade of its steelmaking operations in decades by investing more than a $1 billion in its plants near,” the steel city.

“The company also intends to build a cogeneration plant at its coking coal ovens in nearby Clairton to decrease emissions by using waste gases from the coking process to generate electricity.”

Wherever you look. You want the Never Trumper take on this? I have for you, ladies and gentlemen, the Never Trumper take on the roaring, unprecedented, never better since 1969 United States economy, and where do we go to find it? Why, nowhere else than CNN. And who is the Never Trumper? John Kasich, the former governor of Ohio.

The infobabe is Kate Bolduan. She says to former Governor Kasich, “Well, we can all agree that with the economy going gangbusters you would think that Trump’s approval rating would be much higher. Do you think it’s that he’s just not talking about it enough? Because, I mean, it’s not like he’s short on liking to brag about things.”

KASICH: First of all, there is a sense that I have a job today, but will I have one tomorrow?

RUSH: Stop the tape! Here we are in the midst of a roaring economy, the wage-per-hour has skyrocketed 27 bucks, 77 cents an hour, the lowest unemployment rate since 1969, and the Never Trumpers led by John Kasich, “Well, yeah, but, you know, everybody’s really worried about losing their job tomorrow, everybody’s got a job today, yeah, but they’re all worried about losing it tomorrow.”

Really? Really? That sounds like the newly minted millionaire who worries that there’s gonna be a new wealth tax the next day and take it all away from him. But it doesn’t happen. Well, not in one big swoop it doesn’t. All right. Here’s the rest of this, if you want stomach it.

KASICH: That’s an issue that I think Democrat candidates have to talk about. Because there is a sense of job insecurity. Things may be good today, but what about tomorrow? And then there’s the rise of the gig economy, where people are kind of on their own out there. There’s concern because technology may wipe out a whole heck of a lot of the jobs that people are in now. But in the short term, hey, the unemployment is lower…


KASICH: …jobs are up, give the guy credit. Give him credit where it’s due.

BOLDUAN: I hear you.

KASICH: However, people are also saying I don’t like a lot of the way he does things. And we can talk about the fact that he’s got 43% approval in your poll. Well, that’s a heck of a lot of disapproval. And if I had those numbers and I was running for re-election, I’d be concerned.

RUSH: That’s the Never Trumpers cannot find — begrudgingly let’s acknowledge it, but then let’s make up fact that nobody believes it because they think they’re gonna lose the job tomorrow or they’re gonna be wiped out by robots or gonna be wiped out by technology and they hate the way Donald Trump talks and tweets, so it really doesn’t matter.

In CNN’s poll, Trump’s approval is at 43%, and it’s climbing, it’s the highest it’s ever been in a CNN poll. But do you know what his approval is in the CNN poll on the economy? Anybody want to take a wild guess like the National Weather Service does every day? Fifty-six percent. Trump hasn’t been 56% in any poll on anything ever. Fifty-six percent approval on the economy before this day’s numbers were reported. It’s a poll that was released earlier in the week.

And so they’re doing everything they can to try to shade this and to tell people, “Don’t get too excited about it because we know that you’re worried you could lose your job tomorrow.” Now, a lot of people may not be worried about losing their jobs tomorrow until they hear the possibility raised on CNN, and they say, “Should I be worried about losing my job? I’m not even thinking about it.” And this is how negativism is spread.

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