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RUSH: Get this.  Lindsey Graham, who’s chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has written a letter to the special counsel.  “Dear Mr. Mueller: Thank you and your team very much for the professional and thorough manner in which you conducted your investigation.”

They didn’t. This is just Senator Graham being typically Washington polite.  This investigation was a sham. The report is a sham. As Emmet Flood’s letter details, it is not the prosecutor’s job to exonerate anybody, and just because he couldn’t exonerate Trump on obstruction did not give him the right to list all of the crap in this report about what Trump said to who and when.  It’s nothing more than defamatory.  It was purposely defamatory.

This stuff is not permitted in the U.S. criminal justice system.  A perp, a suspect is presumed innocent from the get-go.  He doesn’t have to prove he didn’t do it.  They have to prove he did, and it’s no different for Donald Trump, whether he’s president or not.  So when Mueller says, “Well, I couldn’t exonerate the president on the subject of…” It’s not your job to exonerate!  This was done purposely.  It was done purposely to indicate, “We think he did something; we just can’t find it.”

Well, that’s not what prosecutors get to do.  They do not get to impugn people who are not charged.  They do not get to impugn people they are not gonna take to court, and that’s exactly what Mueller has done here!  This report should have been no more than two pages.  All 448 pages of the report are nothing but slander and libel, if you ask me, and I’m dead serious about that.  That may be a bit excessive, but I’m telling you.

It’s unwarranted, it’s unnecessary, and it is in such violation of regulations, the law and ethics.  I just can’t let it go even though Lindsey Graham here is thanking Mueller and his team “for the professional and thorough manner.”  Anyway, here’s the gist of it:  “On the eve of Attorney General Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, several news outlets broke a story alleging that you believed Attorney General Barr’s March 24, 2019, letter to this Committee ‘did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance’ of your investigation.’

“Of course, Attorney General Barr has since released your report to the public, including your executive summaries, with redactions deemed necessary by both you and the Department of Justice, and testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. In response to questions by Senator Blumenthal, the attorney general testified in essence that you told him in a phone call that you did not challenge the accuracy of the attorney general’s summary of your report’s principal conclusions, but rather you wanted more of the report, particularly the executive summaries concerning obstruction of justice, to be released promptly.

“In particular, Attorney General Barr testified that you believed media coverage of your investigation was unfair without the public release of those summaries.” This is another… You know, these Washington people, they live and die with media approval, media image and this kind of thing and here’s Mueller running around whining about the fact the media’s not treating him fairly.  He couldn’t survive a half a day in Trump’s shoes.

Anyway, so Lindsey Graham says, “Please inform the Committee if you would like to provide testimony,” i.e., under oath, “regarding any misrepresentation by the attorney general of the substance of that phone call.”  So he’s saying (summarized), “Come up here!  If you think you were misrepresented, if you think that your report has somehow been improperly represented by the AG, come up here under oath and tell us so.”  I’m gonna tell you what else this is. This stupid redaction business… They are trying…

The truth of the matter is that Barr and Mueller together did the redactions in this report, and 95% of the report has been released.  Ninety-five percent!  The redactions were done by Mueller and Barr working together.  The Democrats are trying to make the case that Trump did the redactions, that Trump did it, and that Trump’s getting away with hiding what he did, and that Mueller knows the truth about it.  This is such BS!  So I think Senator Graham is essentially saying, “Hey, if you’re upset with the way the attorney general characterized your report, come on up here, Mr. Mueller, and tell us what really happened — under oath.”

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