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RUSH: Senator Elizabeth Warren, still running for president (you may have forgotten but she is) and recently talked about her childhood at a campaign event. She told a very heart-wrenching story, which we’ll assume is true, unlike her Native American heritage.

Her dad had a heart attack. He pulled through, but he couldn’t work anymore. So her mother, who had never worked, went to the workforce. She took a minimum wage gig at Sears, and saved the family from going under.

Now her point had nothing to do with the “get-it-done” character of her mom or the value of hard work. Elizabeth Warren’s point was that her mom was able to take care of the family on the minimum wage, which I frankly don’t believe, but we’ll go with it.

She says that today’s minimum wage earner should be able to support a spouse, a kid, an abortion here and there, and maybe make a mortgage payment. What would that take? Fifty thousand a year? A hundred thousand? I’m just throwing the numbers out.

Why not a million? A million would cover most people and however many number of abortions they want.

But after we pay off their student loans and give them free college and free health care, and a universal guaranteed income, why should they ever work? Why should they get an education? Who is ever gonna need a job, Sears or otherwise?

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