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RUSH: So let me just get to an overriding thought here. I have thought the Mueller report was bogus from before it was written. I have thought the Mueller investigation was bogus from before it began. I have thought this whole story of collusion was a trumped-up political thing hatched by the losers of the 2016 presidential election, and I don’t need to go through all that.

You’ve heard me say this. I’ve made the point over and over again. Mueller got the file. He got the file from Comey on his first day on the job, opens the file; it’s empty. There is no collusion, there has never been any evidence of it. There was no reason for Mueller to do his investigation. There was no reason for him to wait a year to say there was no collusion. There was no reason for a 448-page report. Now, I’m gonna tell you what’s happening here.

A lie was constructed by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party that the Russians colluded with the campaign, and this explains why Hillary didn’t win. It was a lie from top to bottom. They created a phony dossier to support the lie. It all goes to the top of the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now, it seems to me that this was a poisonous tree from the beginning. Everything about this has been a lie. As such, it is going to fall apart at some point, and I think that’s what we are watching.

It may not look like it to you because the Democrats are promoted by the media, and the media makes what the Democrats are doing look like they are winning and that they are succeeding. Except if you look at facts and if you look at reality, Donald Trump is still the president, and the economy is roaring, and the Democrats don’t have an answer for anything. They’re not winning. They won the House, but they’re even botching that, and the Drive-By Media is jumping all over ’em.

They’re on the verge of losing Chuck Todd, they’re on the verge of losing Gloria Borger, and they’re on the verge of losing a couple of others. You’ll hear it in sound bites coming up. So this big, fat lie — Russian collusion, Trump-Russia collusion — is a gigantic poison tree, and now every bit of poisonous fruit on that tree is beginning to fall. The fruit of the poisonous tree and every element of it is beginning to drift away and fall apart. There was no reason, legitimate or otherwise, to even start this whole thing, except it was started.

But there was no reason for it, particularly under the premise that we were told, that Trump the cheated, that Trump was a traitor, that Trump was a Russian agent. There has never been an ounce of truth to it, and there has never been any evidence suggesting it, and there will not be because it didn’t happen. Everything from the beginning of this has been illegitimate. There was never a legitimate reason for doing this.

Unless you want to say, “It’s legitimate that Democrats should win every election, and when they don’t, that there’s some kind of a scandal,” which does happen to be their point of view. From the very beginning of this thing, it was phony. It was constructed and built on lies, and everything that has come — everything that’s happened, everything that has taken place because of this in the past three years — has become poisoned, has become corrupted.

The Mueller report is one of the biggest bombs in the history of literature, it’s one of the biggest bombs in the history of politics, and everybody involved with it knows it. Now everybody’s noses are out of joint because they weren’t successful in peddling 448 pages of garbage into an impeachment of the president. They’re still trying to pull that off and make it happen, but they know they’ve got a dud.

They know they’ve got a bomb on their hands, and they so far haven’t been able to take it out on Mueller. So they take it out on Barr and anybody else they can. As Barr said yesterday, this whole thing is a “snitty” joke. That’s how he described Mueller’s letter: “snitty.” What a great word. It’s a takeoff on the word snooty. Snooty means fake, elite, phony, arrogance and so forth, undeserved arrogance. Mueller’s letter was “snitty.” The Mueller report was a “snitty” joke.

But here’s the problem. Here’s the problem. People have been ruined because of this. People’s lives have been destroyed. People’s lifetime earnings have been destroyed. People’s reputations, and in some cases their families, have been ruined over something that should never have happened. That was a poisonous tree from the moment it was conceived. We’ve got Manafort. We’ve got Michael Flynn. We’ve got Greg Craig. We’ve got the hapless Michael Cohen.

We’ve got Jerome Corsi, for crying out loud! We’ve got Roger Stone, for crying out loud! All of whom have been damaged to one degree or another only because of this investigation. This investigation didn’t find any crimes; it created them. The only crimes to be found in this whole process are the crimes that were created by the investigation. I think everybody ought to be pardoned. I think everybody in jail ought to have their sentences commuted and be pardoned.

They should be given full restitution, because everything that happened to these people was the result of a gigantic poisonous tree, and it is outrageous. This is what Barr is going to get to the bottom of and it’s why there is panic ongoing today about this. But when I stop and think about this, as I have mentioned to you so many times, it’s so disgusting. I’ve run out of ways to describe how angry, how outrageous, how disgusted I am over this and how close these people came to literally destroying the rule of law and the Constitution in this country.

Bob Prince, the old play-by-play guy for the Pittsburgh Pirates, had a description of a close play: “He was out by a gnat’s eyelash.” Well, that’s how close this was. This was so… I’ve never seen anything like this, and it continues.

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