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RUSH: As I was saying while all this is happening, the White House today, the president gave the Rose Garden a heavy dose of Christianity.

Today was the White House prayer day, and there were lots of Jewish religious leaders showing up who praised President Trump for his phone calls and reactions after the latest synagogue shooting out in San Diego. Trump was quoting from the Bible during this prayer day ceremony, using the grace of God to explain how people can recover from drugs, how they can have faith-based adoptions, how they can stop abortions, how they can recover from incarceration.

It was inspiring, it was uplifting — and no doubt, the Democrat Party and the American left’s heads were exploding. Trump’s supposed to be tweeting. Trump’s supposed to be out there reacting to what Nadler is doing. Trump’s supposed to be out there reacting to all this stuff that they’re doing to get him thrown out of office. Instead, Trump is spending a lot of time with God and helping others to find the way to God. You know, hearing Trump ask for prayers for the people fighting for freedom in Venezuela at the prayer day at the White House was touching.

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