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RUSH: Last week I told you about a bizarre case in Massachusetts. Newton District Court Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph and a court officer were indicted for obstruction of justice. What they did, they helped a twice-deported illegal alien sneak out the backdoor of the courthouse, preventing ICE from nabbing him.

This week, more Massachusetts legal news. Several state prosecutors have filed federal suit to bar ICE agents from being in Massachusetts courthouses at all. In other words, they want a legal “wall” separating ICE from criminal illegal aliens. They want ICE deported from court. They want to keep ICE from crossing courthouse borders.

The prosecutors say that “common law” gives protection to anybody doing official business at a courthouse. They claim that ICE, by showing up and arresting people is, uh, criminal. They want everybody, including illegal immigrant lawbreakers, to know that they have sanctuary in the Massachusetts courthouse.

These are the prosecutors, folks! These are the people who are supposed to make sure criminals pay the penalty for their crimes.

But now they say the law should not be enforced in a courthouse because it violates their liberalism. They really are saying that.

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