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RUSH: All right. Let me reassure everybody, if you’re tuning in here and you’re breathlessly curious about what’s going on, I’m gonna explain it all, and it’s gonna be simple to understand because that’s what we do here. We make the complex understandable. This isn’t complex. It’s being made to look complex, but it isn’t complex.

Here’s the bottom line. The attorney general is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. The Drive-Bys want you to believe that he’s up there testifying because the special counsel told the Washington Post that the attorney general is misrepresenting the Mueller report. And that is not at all what has happened.

Nothing has changed. There was no collusion. Mueller has not said there was. His report says there isn’t, and there has been no change. There was no collusion. The attorney general has concluded that there was no obstruction. The special counsel works for the attorney general. What Bob Mueller wants and what Bob Mueller needs is irrelevant. What Attorney General Barr determines is gonna be said is what’s gonna be said.

Robert Mueller is the equivalent of a U.S. attorney. He is under and reports to the attorney general. It doesn’t matter. Nothing has changed. There is no collusion. There was no obstruction. All that’s happening here is an ongoing process where they’re discussing the process of how all of this was arrived at because the Democrats can’t give it up. And because the media made a decision two and a half years ago to become complicit in this effort to get rid of Trump, they can’t get rid of it, either.

How did all of this start? This all started with a leak of a letter, a letter that was written specifically to be leaked, a letter written by Andrew Weissmann, who was the lead investigator, lead Hillary supporter, was on stage with Hillary during her concession speech. He cried with her when she lost. He’s the lead investigator for Mueller.

They write a letter to Barr, “Boohoo, I don’t like the way you characterize. The media’s not reporting this correct.” So Barr said, “Well, wait a minute. Did we get something wrong?” “No, no. Nothing’s wrong. We just don’t like the way the media’s talking about us.” Well, boohoo! Go stand in Trump’s shoes for one day, Mr. Mueller, and see how you handle it. You can’t stand what the media’s doing?

Here’s the substance of this. Gonna get the audio sound bites to back this up. And I have to tell you. It is a joy to listen to William Barr testify. All of these senators, most of them think that they’re gonna outsmart him and that they’re gonna trick him into admitting that there was collusion and that he’s covering it up. They think they’re gonna get him to admit that he’s simply running a front operation for the president. And he’s not.

The stupidity is all possessed by these Democrat senators today, and it’s on full display. Barr is simply clear and factual. And I’ll tell you something. It’s actually refreshing to see somebody in official Washington that can actually be simply factual in their answers.

Now, here’s what happened. Last night the Washington Post published an article that was supposed to be the mother of all bombshells. It was supposed to rock Barr. It was supposed to turn Barr inside out. It was supposed to make Barr resign. It was supposed to convince people that Barr has been lying but that it had been uncovered and discovered and that Barr was going to be facing the music today. It was a leak timed to do as much damage to Barr’s credibility before his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning.

Now, as usual, in all of these stories, this is a phenomenon that we pointed out here on the EIB Network throughout the two-plus years of the Mueller investigation. Every day for two years there were two to three, sometimes four stories, New York Times, Washington Post, in which bombshell after bombshell after bombshell was alleged by anonymous sources from the intelligence community, from the FBI.

And every one of these bombshells was made to look like the walls were closing in on Donald Trump, that the jig was about up, that Trump was about finished. And then if you read far enough, usually the 13th to 15th paragraph, you would find that the story admits that there’s no evidence for what has been alleged in the previous 12 paragraphs. It was uncanny. And that’s exactly what this is.

If you drill down to about 13 paragraphs into this Washington Post article, you find information that completely undercuts the big scoop. And again, this is a journalistic phenomena that we uncovered and have been reporting, probably the first to do so, beginning two years ago.

The Washington Post claims that Robert Mueller complained in a letter to Barr on March 27th that Barr’s 24th of March letter that summarized the report’s conclusions — in other words, Mueller sends Barr a letter on March 27th, three days after Barr issued his summary to the nation, no conclusion, no obstruction. Mueller gets on his high horse and starts crying, says, “But but but but your summary did not fully capture the context, the nature, and substance of this office’s work and conclusions.” And that Barr’s summary caused public confusion over the results of the investigation.

Folks, this is flat-out BS. This is simply Robert Mueller — the letter was probably written by Andrew Weissmann under Mueller’s name. But Mueller is simply complaining here about media coverage of Barr’s summary. In the 13th paragraph of the Washington Post story, we are told that the day after this letter was sent that Mueller and Barr spoke and that according to the DOJ, Mueller said he was concerned that media coverage of the obstruction investigation was misguided and that it was creating public misunderstanding about the office’s work.

Then Barr asked Mueller whether he thought his memo to Congress was inaccurate. Barr says to him (paraphrasing), “Wait. Did we get it wrong? Did we misreport or misunderstand your report?” Mueller said, “No. You didn’t get anything wrong. It’s the media coverage that’s misinterpreting my investigation, and that’s what I want you to fix.”

So this little smear job today designed to impugn Barr is actually a lie, and it is made up and exposed. Both things happen in the Washington Post story. So this report is textbook fake news. The Washington Post tried to make it sound like Mueller was complaining about Barr’s summary, the entire summary being “misleading.” In other words, this article attempts to make everybody who reads it think that Barr is lying about Mueller’s findings, that Mueller actually found collusion, that Mueller actually found obstruction and that Barr is lying, that Barr’s covering up.

That’s what the Washington Post wanted people who read the first 12 paragraphs to understand. But in the story — and you’ll hear Barr say it in audio sound bites — he called Mueller after he got the letter. (paraphrased exchange) “Bob, did we get anything wrong in this?” “No, no, no, no. I’m just upset about the way the media’s reporting this.” Well, boohoo! If this doesn’t illustrate what’s important to these swamp dwellers, nothing else will.

You know, when Mueller was coming out of church on Easter Sunday and some reporter went up to him and started berating him, it must have really gotten to him. It must have really bugged him. The Washington Post never published the Mueller letter, by the way. There’s no reason not to. It certainly doesn’t contain any grand jury material or national security secrets. The Washington Post didn’t publish the whole letter because they wanted to cherry-pick their quotes in order to spin it to suggest Mueller claimed Barr lied about the report.

This is classic misdirection and classic fake news. Drudge has got this headline up there: “Mueller Challenged Barr Spin.” No, that’s not what happened! Mueller was upset at media spin. He wasn’t upset at Barr. Barr did not mischaracterize the report. Barr did not change any conclusion that Mueller came to. Mueller was upset that Barr’s summary led the media to report in ways that Mueller didn’t like. What this really means is that… This report could have been written two pages. “The Office of Special Counsel found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”


You don’t need 487 other pages. “This office found no obstruction between President Trump and justice.” Two pages would have been this report. But Mueller writes this little novel that is designed to do what it’s done: To keep this charade going that Trump colluded, and that Trump obstructed, and to provide little bread crumbs for these Democrats and a complicit media who’ve devoted every ounce of their existence the past 2-1/2 years to nailing Trump. If there had been a two-page report, “No collusion, can’t make up our minds about obstruction,” they would’ve have had nowhere to go.

So Barr comes along and summarizes Mueller’s report in a four-page letter to the country. (paraphrased) “No collusion. He left it up to us to find out if there’s any obstruction. We’ve looked at it. We don’t think there’s any obstruction by the president, and that’s it.” Mueller sends Barr a letter. But they tell the Washington Post about it. (paraphrased) “We don’t like the way you characterized the report. We don’t like the way you did the narrative on this. The media’s not… We don’t like the way the media’s reporting on this.”

Barr again says, “Wait, Bob. Did I get anything wrong?” “Well, no, you didn’t get anything wrong.” End of story! This is such a misdirection. The bottom line, again: At this point in time, there is still no collusion. Robert Mueller is not asserting that he found collusion and that Barr covered it up, despite the Washington Post’s best efforts to make you think that there’s a bombshell in that regard today. There is no change in the finding that the president did not obstruct justice. There’s no change in anything.

Mueller has just started crying to Barr about the way the media was reporting. He’s a diva, for crying out loud! Mueller is acting like a diva! Mr. Integrity, my butt. I still cannot describe for you how disgusted this makes me, how disgusting this whole sordid situation is and how it continues. But Barr dropped some bread crumbs today for us that we can take great hope in. For example, he said, “We have multiple criminal leak investigations underway.” A-ha. I wonder if Adam Schiff is sweating Pencil Neck bullets about now.

Let me take a break. We’re gonna come back, and I want to play the sound bites that support all of this. (sigh) Really, folks, I shouldn’t have to spend any more time on this than I already have. I’ve explained to you exactly what happened here. Let me just check. Is anybody on the other side of the glass confused after my explanation? (interruption) You’re not? (interruption) Okay, good. Well, I just have to double-check because if there’s still some confusion, I’ll go through it again very simply. Mueller issues his report; Barr summarizes it in four pages: No collusion, no obstruction. The media reports on it. Everybody’s upset, can’t believe it, still looking for evidence.

Then they start saying, “Maybe Barr misrepresented what Mueller said. Maybe Mueller found it!” But then we find Mueller is helping redact it. We find that Mueller is not challenging any conclusion that Barr had. Then all of a sudden last night, guess what? “Mueller is challenging what Barr said! Mueller sent Barr a letter,” and we are to believe that Mueller told Barr that he’s misrepresenting what Mueller’s report said. But that’s not what Mueller’s letter was about. Mueller complained to Barr that he wasn’t happy with the way the media was portraying Barr’s summary, which was based on Mueller’s report.

Barr said to Mueller, “Bob, did I get something wrong when I summarized your report?” Mueller: “No, there’s nothing wrong. It’s just the narrative. I don’t like the media narrative.” “Well, what do you want me to do about it, Bob? Since the fact is you work for me, what do you want me to do about it, Bob?” Bob said, “Okay, well, screw you!” And Weissmann writes a letter that the Washington Post leaks last night. I mean, it’s one of the most transparent leaks ever to try to impugn and color Barr’s reputation before he sits down for a long-ago-scheduled appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee today.


RUSH: Nothing has changed. There was no crime. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction in the Mueller report! Nothing has changed. But let’s step even further back. Think about how preposterous it is to even bring this up now. We have the Mueller report. There is no collusion in the Mueller report, 488 pages. There is no obstruction in the Mueller report. We can see that Barr’s four-page letter summarizing the conclusions of the Mueller report is accurate, that there is no “context” that would make what Barr said about the report inaccurate.

There’s nothing to indicate Barr is lying about what Mueller said, and Mueller is not alleging that Barr is lying. This is just a desperate, last-minute attempt to try to keep this whole thing alive. This is nothing more than a bunch of engagement in ongoing process. The conclusions have been reached, and they are unchanged. The really disgusting thing about this… No. Let me amend that. One of the really disgusting things about this, Robert Mueller — Mr. Integrity, Mr. Honorable — has indicated you can’t handle even one bad day of media coverage without crying to the boss, “Boohoo! (crying) I don’t like the media narrative.”

Try spending half a day in Donald Trump’s shoes, Mr. Special Counsel. The Mueller staff was packed with attorneys with disqualifying conflict of interest. You had Andrew Weissmann, the lead investigator, who loved Hillary Clinton, who was with her on stage during her concession speech and cried tears with her over her defeat. You had Peter Strzok Smirk who had made clear his hatred for Trump, and you had 11 others on Mueller’s team that were all Democrats, many of them Clinton donors.

So naturally the Democrats are claiming that William Barr is the one conflicted due to the fact the president nominated him to be attorney general. “Yeah, Barr is Trump’s handpicked AG! That’s gotta mean that he’s lying. That’s gotta mean he’s conflicted.” The conflicts are all on Mueller’s team and Mueller himself! But no. No, no, no. The Democrats claim that Barr is the one conflicted, and to try to prove that Barr is conflicted they misstate Mueller’s letter to Barr in the Washington Post last night right before Barr is set to testify.

Barr is so clean and pure they’re trying to dirty him up the night before he’s to testify. For Democrats, nothing establishes a conflict and scandal like fake news. The problems that the Democrats have with Barr run deeper than Mueller’s feelings about Barr’s summary. The problem Democrats have with Barr is Barr has said it’s time to take a closer look… Barr uttered the word “spying,” that he thinks the Trump campaign was spied on. That’s what they’ve gotta shut down. That’s what they’ve gotta try to discredit Barr over, ’cause they are quaking in their boots that somebody’s gonna finally get to the bottom of this and tell America what happened.

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