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RUSH: Folks, let me find it. Here it is. What in the name of Sam Hill? The Pentagon has approved… Did you see this? Pentagon Approves $7.4M for Troops to Feed, Care for Border Crossers.


“The Department of Defense is planning to spend $7.4 million on a troop mission at the United States-Mexico border that includes feeding and caring for migrants and border crossers… The mission will involve sending 320 more U.S. troops heading to the southern border to help Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and … (ICE) agents take care of migrants who have crossed the U.S. border. Defense Department officials described the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) request for more aid for migrants as necessary in dealing with the ‘humanitarian crisis’ at the southern border.”

Whatever happened to sending them to sanctuary cities? Whatever happened to saying, “No, you can’t cross border”? What is this? The military is now Meals on Wheels for “migrants and border crossers”? “Aside from helping to feed and care for migrants, the Defense Department mission will also include busing and transporting border crossers in the U.S.” I guess we don’t want any delays in transporting them to their destinations of choice.

Again, whatever happened to sending them to sanctuary cities? What happened to sending them back? By the way, I read earlier today where in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, the coyotes are running radio ads telling people how to join the caravans, telling people where to go, where to find the coyotes, where to get a caravan, where to sign up, how to get onboard. They’re advertising it, not us. I mean, the coyotes are. At least as far as we know, we’re not advertising it. “Federal officials made clear that troops will not perform any law- enforcement functions.” Now, this is from Breitbart. This is not fake news!

What the heck?

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